The Wounded Warriors Canada A Tribute to Your Service Weekend will be held at Blue Mountain Resort in Blue Mountain Ontario 20-22 June 2014. The event is being made available for up to 50 injured serving members or veterans from across Ontario.  Each member will be allowed to bring one guest to include spouse, partner, parent, sibling or anyone who they deem as a support element to their recovery.

The concept of the event is to offer the participants and their guest a tribute to their service by means of a well thought-out weekend that will offer them some time to allow the participants and their guest the time to relax, reflect, rekindle and enjoy the great outdoors along with meeting other veterans and their family members and friends.  During the three day event they will be offered the opportunity to participate in the following activities Spa treatments, Blue Mountain attractions, Nature walks and Golf.    

Your support through a donation of money or services is greatly appreciated and will go a long way in helping us reach our goal of supporting the men and women who have and are still serving our country and their families. As a registered Non Profit charity organizations all donations or gift in kind will be provide with a tax receipt. Thank you in advance. We appreciate your support. 


Donations can be made online by visiting or by cheque made payable to: “Wounded Warriors Canada”, noting A Tribute to Your Service Weekend. Cheques can be mailed to:

310 Byron Street South, Suite 4

Whitby, Ontario, L1N 4P8


We thank you for taking the time to consider supporting Wounded Warriors Canada aTribute to Your Service Weekend. Please feel free to contact us or call (416) 832-9538 if you’d like additional information on the event. 



Daimian Boyne, CD

National Event Coordinator

Wounded Warriors Canada

“Honour the Fallen, Help the Living”






Founded in 2006, Wounded Warriors Canada is a non-profit organization that helps Canadian Forces members – be they full time or reservists – who have been wounded or injured in their service to Canada.

Through a wide range of programs and services, we help find solutions where gaps have left our soldiers in need. Currently, our primary focus is on mental health and, particularly, the staggering impact of PTSD, perpetrated by Operational Stress Injuries. Overall, however, our mandate is to help any Veteran in need as they transition to civilian life.


Our Story

On September 18, 2006, a suicide bomber traveling on a bicycle detonated a bomb 30-km west of Kandahar City. This incident killed four Canadian soldiers and injured a number of others – including innocent civilians and children. Amidst this carnage, three seriously wounded Canadian Military Engineers lay wounded and dying.

Across Canada, notification teams were activated in the wee hours of the morning to deliver the news to the Canadian Soldiers families. One such team made its way to the family home of 20-year old Sapper Mike McTeague, a reservist deployed on his first overseas mission. His wounds were serious and life threatening. He and the others were rushed out of Afghanistan and sent to a hospital in Landstuhl, Germany where wounded soldiers received outstanding medical care. 

Back in Canada, notification arrived that Mike was in critical condition and there was a real fear that he may not survive as a result of the injuries sustained. Mike’s father Sean was rushed to Mike’s side accompanied by Mike’s Unit Chaplain, Padre Phil Ralph. Mike’s younger brother and the Assisting Officer, Captain Wayne Johnston, joined them the next day. Both Wayne and Phil were well known by the family, Wayne having served with Sean years before at Fort York Armoury.

The trip to Germany was an emotional one as concern for Mike and the family along with the other Canadians grew. While there, Wayne and Phil were moved by the hard work of the dedicated medical staff, the outstanding care provided to our soldiers, and the spirit of the young warriors that lay wounded in hospital beds. That said, Wayne quickly realized that our troops needed “a little more of Canada” to assist in their recovery. They had little in the way of personal items and electronics to pass the time and, as such, the idea to fill the gap quickly gained the support of all involved. From this experience, Wounded Warriors Canada was founded. 

In 2006, the Fund was formally incorporated as The Sapper Mike McTeague Wounded Warrior Fund. Wounded Warriors Canada is indebted to the superb initial ground work and dedication of HLCol Don Gracey, who secured the original funding and oversaw the original Incorporation and establishment of the funds charitable status. Founding Board members Wayne Johnston, Don Gracey and Sean McTeague were joined in the first month by Phil Ralph and Doug West. The original intent of the fund was designed to support all Canadian Forces members wounded on operations and to improve the general morale and welfare of the injured soldiers and their families. Wayne’s energy and passion ensured the original care packages were sent. Those care packages were rapidly replaced by the Padre’s Comfort Fund in Landstulh, which until December 2013 directly supported the soldiers and their families during their stay in Germany. 


Mike has had a miraculous recovery and regained his mobility. His stays at Sunnybrook Hospital, the esteemed St. John’s Rehab Centre in Toronto, and his ongoing therapy have all played a part in Mike’s recovery. Today, Mike is transitioning to the next phase of his life. 

Just as Mike has grown healthier, so too has the fund. Since its inception in September 2006, it has become the beneficiary of the nation’s empathy towards Canadian soldiers. The outpouring of support from individual Canadians and Canadian businesses has been overwhelming. Wounded Warriors Canada is a success story borne out of a horrible tragedy that continues to support those in need.

Today, we continue our legacy of care and compassion as the nation’s leading, wholly independent, Veteran’s charity focusing on mental health. Our innovative and wide-ranging direct programming, which will exceed $1,000,000 in 2014, is changing the lives of Veterans and their families. This is only made possible as a result of the compassionate trust and support of individual Canadians and Canadian businesses, enabling us to carry forward our guiding ethos: “Honour the Fallen, Help the Living.”