The Balloon Tree

Thursday, June 16th at 2pm and 6pm
Friday, June 17th at 10am and 2pm

At The Historic Gayety Theatre

The beautiful and well-loved story for elementary age students & families, The Balloon Tree, will have children leap from reality into this Renaissance inspired fairy tale by beloved Canadian children’s author Pheobe Gilman.

Follow Princess Leora on a magical adventure through her village in search for the one object that will save them all – a balloon. Up against her evil uncle the Archduke, and all the guards in the kingdom, she cannot make it without the help of the villagers (and of course, the audience)!

We’re working with To Be Determined Theatre Company on this production and could not be more impressed with their very talented actors. This production is designed for ages 3-9, but through the music, song, audience interaction and lots & lots of balloons, it is a magical journey for audiences of all ages! We invite schools to celebrate the end of the year with this program!


Tickets are only $10 each. We also want schools to know that if money is ever an issue, PLEASE SPEAK TO US.