Petition by  Anne Minh Thu Quach


1) Citizens and residents of Canada who buy local food support our farmers, our agricultural industry and our economy;

2) Buying local food cuts down on transportation and greenhouse gas emissions and is environmentally friendly;

3) Buying local means that Canadians can have access to fresh and nutritious food; and

4) Federal departments and agencies should lead by example and support Canadian farmers by buying local food.


We, the undersigned, citizens (or residents) of Canada, call on the Government of Canada to

• host a conference of provincial and territorial agriculture ministers to come up with a Canada-wide strategy on local food; and

• require the Department of Public Works and Government Services to develop a policy for purchasing locally grown food for all federal institutions.


House of Commons, Parliament of Canada, Anne Minh-Thu Quach, MP for Beauharnois-Salaberry 
I am supporting a national strategy to promote local food. I believe it is important to support our farmers and our local food products.

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  • Petitioning House of Commons, Parliament of Canada