Meaford ON: The newly-formed, Meaford based, SMILE Animal Society has launched an online fundraising campaign to help send a representative to a week-long workshop on “How to Start and Run an Animal Sanctuary” offered in Utah.

A priority objective of the SMILE Animal Society is to create a revolutionary, large-scale animal sanctuary and education center for all domestic animals serving South-western Ontario.  We will be modeling it after the Best Friend’s Animal Sanctuary, whose 30-year history, in the development of a successful working animal sanctuary, allows us to ride on their coat-tails and benefit from their experiences.

The SMILE team is hoping to raise $2,760 on the online Indiegogo crowd-funding site from April 11 – May 14. All proceeds will go toward the cost of sending one or more of the SMILE group to the Best Friends’ workshops running from June 8-14, 2014. 

The Indiegogo campaign is just one way people can contribute.  They can also donate their Aeroplan points toward the trip by transferring them to SMILEs’ Aeroplan account #986719888 or make a contribution at the SMILE campaign booth at Meafords’ Earth Week Reuse Fair at the Meaford & St. Vincent Community Centre on April 26.  

About SMILE: The SMILE Animal Society is a grassroots, not-for-profit volunteer group of seasoned professionals who share a common dedication to bettering the lives of animals. Our mission is to improve the lives of all living things and to foster healthy animal/human relationships. For more information visit the Smile Animal Society Facebook page or their website at  

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About Best Friends: 30 years ago, when Best Friends helped pioneer the no-kill movement, more than 17 million homeless pets were dying each year in U.S. animal shelters. Today, that number is around four million unnecessary deaths annually – that is tremendous progress, but Best Friends is committed to reducing that number to zero. By implementing targeted spay/neuter and TNR (trap/neuter/return) programs to reduce the number of animals who enter shelters, and by increasing the number of people who adopt pets, we know we can end the killing. We know we can Save Them All. For more information, go to


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