To make a serious attempt to save the world we have to make sure we seriously save energy so we can stop spewing greenhouse gases (GHG) into our atmosphere. There is a popular and misguided or ill-conceived notion that somehow the new technological innovations are going to save us. First thing to grasp is no matter what we do, a lot of devastation is going to happen. But that should not be used as an argument to do nothing. Even when your house is burning down it makes sense to put the fire out to see what can be saved. The only realistic answer for saving the world from the devastation from climate change is that the entire humanity must learn this three thirds solution. First third is cut back consumption of energy by a third. Second third, is bring enough efficiency that energytree 2 consumption goes down another third, which is not the same of cutting back consumption and the last third is to replace the fossil energy sources with the wind, solar etc. Humanity will never attain full 100% replacement of fossil energy with renewable because the energy demands are ballooning a lot faster than the expansion of all the renewable energy conversions such that the need for fossil energy sources would always remain without the efficiency and a massive energy consumption cutting.

A comprehensive way to conserve energy would be easily memorized by the 3-S’s mnemonic alongside the 3-R’s of the older days (the popular Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) which was very helpful in curbing the visible or trash style pollution. This additional 3-S’s is not meant to replace the wisdom of the 3-R’s of the older days but to be added to those to tackle the invisible or GHG or CO2 pollution which in excess amounts is toxic just as alcohol is poisonous and a killer in excessive amounts.


This can be called the rule of three thirds or three thirds solution of Smarten Sacrifice Switch 


A. SMARTEN: Cut back your energy consumption by energy efficiency by innovating smart or energy efficient electrical appliances and smart or energy efficient light bulbs – the easiest step to do is cut back on consumption by 33%. This part is often referred to as low hanging fruits and has proved to be the most effective because there is not much required and the slightly higher prices paid to purchase smarter objects is made up quickly through the savings realized through energy bill reduction. In the fuel context becoming smarter means switching to eCar. Included also within the smartening element are the last two elements of Spread the habits and Speak-out.

B. SACRIFICE: Stop using the appliances as in air drying your clothes as opposed to using a dryer. The significance of the phrase sacrifice is that you go without the luxury or the decadence you have become used to. This is also a version of smartness or getting past the stigmas of breaking the mold and letting people see your underwear needs smartening up a lot. Dumbness is so addictive it is tough to be smart. The fact that green nations have high education level is linked to their homogeneous incomes. This should cut back the energy consumption by another 33%. In the fuel context sacrifice can range from car-pooling to park-n-drive or ditching the car altogether and commute on bike.

C. SWITCH: This component is the third and the least important step, which means that when you have cut back your energy damans by the above two steps to a third of the previous levels then use renewable energy sources, given that that is the best any nations can really do with switching from coal and oil to solar and wind? What we have to think is the substitution of fossil fuel combustion based electricity generations not the focal growth of highly aggressive at these nations like Germany, Portugal etc. So this would eliminate the last 33% the inevitable energy consumption by going it the green or renewable way as opposed to the fossil energy ways using coal, oil and gas. And if it necessary as a last resort for the remaining 1% when there is a need for burning fuel to cook (BBQ) food it is best to use natural gas which is the least harmful of these three fossil energy sources. Switching to eCar can also been seen as an element under this category but often it is not the case if the electricity generated to power the car comes from burning gas, oil or coal. In that case electric car is not energy saver at all and the eCar is essentially a part of the empty (5E) environmentalism.


Additional Two critically important S’s.- spread the word and speak-out against cheaters.


Just as there are two additional R’s like Refuse and Re-purpose, the expanded version for the energy saving formula has two additional words making a total of five and they are Spread the habit and Speak-up.


D. SPREAD THE HABIT. What one observes ubiquitously is that people are going green in the utmost secrecy. This clandestine or capricious environmentalism is highly unlikely to produce any worthwhile results. There are many sayings about small actions producing results, but that happens only when multiplied by infinity or by a few billion. Therefore there is a role for the small green habits of using smart bulbs.


E. SPEAK-OUT (against the cheaters). In the end if the spread of the energy saving habits from using the smart bulbs to spreading of the habits to neighbours, coworkers, friends is to spread there has to be steps taken to rat out the energy wasters and humiliate them publically by “naming and shaming”. There should be no hesitation and shouting back at and shaming of those who decline to partake in the environmental movement and activism. The most deceitful trick used by everyone to squirm out of going green is the absolute absence of time (atimea) excuse, and the rebuttal to that is Atimea Stupidosis Sustainability (ASS) because without advising these evaders that their lying has been caught they would continue to exploit this dishonest loophole. This element is sufficiently important that without this the above four would not be enough or at least would not proceed as a rate that is fast enough. Other aspects of speaking out would include protesting against the fossil energy expansions and taking this protesting right up to the local, national and international policy makers on energy and economy. A version of denial of climate change is practiced by “pseudo-environmentalists” or “eCar environmentalists”. They have an absolute or 100% confidence in the transformation of entire fossil based energy with solar and wind energy and they refuse to speak of the smartening and the sacrifice elements of the trio or the sustainability quintu-cluster. Because eCar is not really green at all and the solar and wind etc., are never going to be enough nor fast enough to permit the peaking and decline of the global GHG emissions the solar-wind energy based activism is susceptible to be used as a ploy to engage in an evasive style of behaviour of “pseudo-environmentalists”, “empty-environmentalists, -“earnings-driven-environmentalists”  or “eCar environmentalists” while seeming to be an ecological activist but without making any real difference. A rule of thumb to bear in mind is when it comes to sustainable behaviour, unless proved otherwise everyone is a cheater or dishonest about it, even if unknowingly or inadvertently. 

If Norway and Germany can go green with their electricity generations while they have much less sun than most of Canada, US and Australia why can’t the rest of the world. They can speak German and Norwegian too why can’t we. I can ask folks that if at age of 58 I can bench press my own weight and can swim 2 Km twice a week and don’t smoke, eat red meat why can’t you all? There are at least 5 major factors that are serious hurdles in the fossil addicts to go green. 

1) There is a very significant income homogeneity in these ‘great’ nations such that people relate to each other and there is what I have been promoting – ‘a collective conscience’. 

2) The fact of this collective conscience of a united society is that they have succeeded with developing of the public will which is expresses as “political will” which is lacking elsewhere. It is fashionable to blame lack of political will and leave things at that. No one takes steps to unite. When I try to talk sense into heads of people they block me. 

3) These nations have had time advantage and through the use of fossil energy they had accumulated wealth or surplus cash that they were able to divert to green energy technology, rest of the world is in serious debt so there is no cash for solar and wind. 

4) The only way to pay the interests on the debts by these fossil addicted nations is to keep selling the fossil energy raw material so the addiction is impossible to end. 

5) The national energy demands of these green nations are limited and they managed that part well. The fossil addicts have such voracious energy demands and they are so out of control because the people of these nations are absolutely spoiled brats that there is no realistic hope of curbing the energy demands to levels that can be met by with green energy resources. 


A secret about Germany is that it still sells coal to others to fund the solar panels. So there is an element of hypocrisy. The problem is the global GHG will still keep going up even if Norway, Iceland and Germany go 100% green. So the situation is extremely complex and it is best to start to listen to people like me who know the WHOLE STORY as opposed to starting jumping the gun after reading just a part of the script. I don’t expect anyone to start listening to me for another decade or so as has been the case for the past decade. Sadly by then it would be too too too late. So putting some faith in the words of those who know the WHOLE STORY is something that carries the sole hope of saving us from extreme harm. A lot of harm is coming our way even if we all go 100% solar and wind tomorrow.