by Seyoum Nigussie


When time flies like winged horse run

Everything is rather new under the sun.

Lots of legends and beautiful things

Plenty of animals and human beings,

Under the sun goes many miracles.

Some climb mountains, others fly by plane

Many species ramble about through lane.

Some happen to cry while others laugh

Plurality of natural phenomena is rough.

When someone idly looks at the sky

Merely to see is only birds can fly.

When children play and start to run

Everything is fresh and new under the sun.

When humans learn better to get along

Cherished under the sun they belong.

If tough life makes feelings of poignant

Every day becomes new covenant.

Sometimes will come with heavy clouds

Then will come stormy sudden rainfalls,

When clear night sky takes its own turns

Visual discovery begins on brazen stars.

Even when at times nature is over-blown

There is remedial latch under the sun.



Under The Sun is a selected poem from WORLD OF STARS by Seyoum Nigussie, which is a collection of poetry and is perfectionist poetry in a sense that it all is portraying about nature and human experiences with the surrounding nature. World of Stars elaborately lays out tributes and attributes ranging from places to personas that make this world as adorable as it can be. All the poems are of varied topics that are distinct from each other and not arranged in any order.

As the title of the collection ‘WORLD OF STARS’ implies, the poems are about beauty of nature and life that experiences that beauty of nature in lifetime. From celestial bodies to planetary landscapes on the planet earth both fictional and nonfictional places as well as individual personas with images described in brief and short forms so as to fit into possible songs if given
chances. From minimum of 12 lines to maximum of 24 lines, the poems are suitable for songs. Abstract and subjective ideas of human feelings of themselves and nature sewed into the poems to highlight the degree to which poems can provide retreats from mundane life in a way of transcending of actual circumstances.

Above all, the poems are of metrical composition. By illustrating beauties of the cosmos and the things that lie within it, stars, special subjects, special places, and special individual persons, WORLD OF STARS is a shield from boredom events and circumstances. The poems by far designed to make the readers to immerse into the hallowed nature of their lives by symbolically transporting themselves to the places and with persons that are raised in the poems.


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