Ryan Allen Sobkovich ~ Impressionist Landscape Painter


Ryan was born in 1995 and lives in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. His interest in art began at a very young age and he started oil painting when he was nine years old. Ryan was successful in exhibiting and selling his works in the Loft Gallery in Clarksburg, Ontario when he was sixteen years of age.  His love of nature inspires him to paint natural wilderness scenes of Canada while hiking, camping and kayaking around the great lakes and other areas of Canada. He utilizes dynamic, impasto brushwork and layered complimentary colours to convey emotions, feelings and thoughts while on site in the wilderness. Ryan particularly enjoys painting ‘en plein air’ and painting in large scale. Famous artists who inspire Ryan are Tom Thomson, Claude Monet and Anselm Kiefer. In 2011 his oil paintings placed first and third in the ‘Juried Art Show’ at the Blue Mountain Foundation of the Arts in Collingwood, Ontario and he received an ‘honourable mention’ in 2012. Ryan was a finalist for the Murray Jacob Clerkson Award in 2012 and 2013. His art was featured in the ‘Dining & The Arts’ Magazine in 2013 and Slate Magazine in 2014 and 2015. In April 2014 Ryan was an Exhibitor in the Toronto Art Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario. He received the Advanced Fine Arts “Excellence In Studio” Award at the Scholarship Show, Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario in 2014 and 2016. He also received the “Scholarship Award” from the Barrie Art Club in 2016. Ryan was ‘Best In Show’ at the 25th Annual Art Sale at the McMichael Collection in Kleinburg, Ontario in October 2015. He exhibited at the Artist Project 2015 and 2016 in Toronto. Ryan will be graduating from Georgian College in the ‘ Advanced Fine Art program’ in June 2016. Ryan’s works are collected by private, corporate and public collectors nationally and internationally. His works are presently exhibited in Elminia University, Cairo, Egypt and in Ulster University, Belfast, Ireland. His art is presently exhibited at the Ryan Fine Art Gallery in Port Carling, Ontario.

Ryan Allen Sobkovich is an Impressionist landscape painter known for his bold painterly brushwork and his captivating Canadian scenes of the Great Lakes. He enjoys painting outdoors “en plein air” while hiking and kayaking in wilderness areas. Some famous artists who inspire Ryan are Claude Monet, Tom Thomson and A.Y Jackson.

My goal as a artist is to re-connect the viewer with nature through my artworks. Kayaking and hiking in wilderness areas influences me through my interaction with nature physically, emotionally and psychologically. I engage the viewer through the use of thick, dynamic, gestural brushwork and layered complementary colours. I want to portray the vast Canadian wilderness in a way that encourages the viewer’s appreciation of nature and the importance of preserving it for future generations. It is important to me that my paintings stimulate emotions, memories and thoughts, allowing the viewer to create his/her own narrative.




Ryan Allen Sobkovich