If you’re living in a human body, then you’ve got things in your life that you probably regret, feel shame, anger, guilt or sadness about. We’ve all done things, said things and thought things that we regret and feel bad about. I used to torture myself over ending my marriage and what impact that had on my children. It haunted me and wore me out for years. And that was just one of many things that I was beating myself up over. My list of “mistakes” was sky high (or so I thought) I had a lot of years of piled up guilt, fear and sadness. How did I get through it? Here comes the essential ingredient for a Happy, Healthy and Fulfilling life… The “F” Word…. No, not that “F” word…

I’m talking about Forgiveness.



It wasn’t until I truly forgave myself that I was able to begin the healing in that area of my life. As soon as I got rid of the first ghost of my past regrets, plus all of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that came with it, I was then able to move into my present and future.

Before we can forgive others (and I don’t mean the fake forgiveness of “I’ll forgive, but I’ll never forget…” ) I’m talking about true forgiveness, compassion and love. Those values and virtues that most people claim to want, but when presented with the “how to get them manual” they get busy making excuses on why it won’t work for them.

Breaking promises, lying, cheating, being unkind to others, keeping silent when you should have spoken up… the list goes on and on…. Angry, bitter, resentful feelings towards ourselves, and towards others is something that always backfires – all of those unforgiving emotions we’re holding in our hearts has a huge unhealthy impact on us. “Time” doesn’t heal everything… it doesn’t heal at all…. Forgiveness, Compassion and Self Love does.



If you’re feeling anxiety, stress, overwhelm (and other feelings that really don’t serve you well), Connect with me. You can live your life without those toxic and destructive emotions. It’s easier than you think. Healthy Lifestyle Choices taught through the MindBody Coaching program will show you how to master your emotions, create and maintain healthy relationships and live a Happier, Healthier and more Fulfilling Life.



I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this very big (and hot) topic. How do you think your own life would change if you were to forgive yourself and others? What do you think would happen if we lived from a place of forgiveness, self love and self compassion? Please share your thoughts. And Please share this with anyone else who you think might get some value from it.


To Your Happiness, Great Health and Success, Rosemary


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