We’ve all been there and know the feeling…

Looking at pictures of gorgeous men and woman who seem to have it all… incredible careers, the best clothes, flawless skin, the perfect relationships….

Then we wonder if we’ll ever be that “beautiful”, “successful” or “happy”….

The truth is, we have all struggled with this at some point; Another truth is that we can all make improvements to our Health, Wellness, Beauty and Happiness with some very simple and easy steps…



Here are 8 Simple and Powerful Ways How:

#1 Stand In Your Power with Confidence


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Being confident is probably one of the hardest challenges we face. The more we trust in ourselves and learn to follow our own gut (and stop listening to the negative naysayers in our world) The more our self confidence and self trust will build. For me, this is the essential ingredient for being truly Happy. When I’m standing Confident, and in my own true Power… I’m Glowing Pure and True Bliss!


#2 Drink More Water!

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How many times have we heard this simple truth? Being properly hydrated is key for our Inner Wellness + Outer Beauty. It helps in every area of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. It’s one of God’s Magical gifts…. Let’s Drink To That!


#3 Stop Comparing Yourself To Others


This is the root to most unhappiness. These two quotes always help when I fall into the comparison trap:

“Don’t compare your life to others. There is no comparison between the Sun and the Moon. They Shine when it’s their time. “

And this one: “I didn’t ask You to be Her… I asked You to be You.” ~ God


#4 Get Rid of Jealousy

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The Happiness, Beauty, Success of someone else isn’t the absence of your own! Loving Yourself and Accepting Yourself (flaws and all) is Key! Modeling people that I look up to, respect and admire has made me a better person. If I were too insecure, envious and jealous… I would be totally missing out on so many incredible learning’s.


#5 Pamper Yourself On A Regular Basis!


Have you had a TruBliss Spa Day Yet? It’s AMAZING!

“Falling in love with taking care of ourselves should be a healthy habit that we embrace and work on every day, not just something that we see as luxury for the “rich and famous.” ~ Rosemary Fusca Yeah… I said that!


#6 Sprinkle Kindness Around Like Confetti!


The world can seem like a pretty cold and scary place. I have to admit that this past year with all of the political turmoil and divide going on, I’ve been asking myself some questions about where our love, humanity and kindness have gone…. Remembering that random acts of kindness, even just a simple smile to a stranger is something that we can all do. Being kind doesn’t cost a thing, and yet it’s a priceless gift to others and ourselves.


#7 Take Care of Your Skin!

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We all have different skin types, tones, colours… and I’m sure that most of us have looked in the mirror (more than once) and have been less than kind to ourselves. Embrace your beauty; embrace what you’ve got! And if you’d like to make it even better… take care of it by doing simple things (ahheemmm, drinking more water, getting good sleep, learning to cope with stress) And adding a great skin care regimen like Eminence Organics is a huge step in the right direction.


#8 Come On, Get Happy!

Happiness Create

The quest that every human being on the planet is on…. Check out my own list of every day happiness made simple.

These tips might seem simple (and they are) Easy, they are not, but nothing worth anything ever is.

If you’d like some help with any one of these, please connect with us – we’ve got incredibly talented and passionate people who can help you get your best Glow On!

To Your Inner Wellness + Outer Beauty Glow, Rosemary



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Welcome to TruBliss

Currently, a tremendous gap exists between the Medical Industry and the Wellness Industry. TruBliss will help bridge that gap and empower you to learn and practice what makes you feel great and look fabulous on the inside and outside. Even in the midst of a busy schedule, we’re confident that we can help you find your way to your own TruBliss.

pic_RF“Since 2008 I’ve been searching for ways to bring my own personal vision of helping to empower people to the public. Having now connected with and helped (first and foremost myself), and then of course the amazing people that I’ve been so honoured and privileged to work with, I believe that Trubliss will serve you well in many areas of your Inner Wellness and Outer Beauty goals.

My life’s mission is to share these incredible services; products, insights and inspirations with as many as we can so that we can all live a happier, healthier and more successful life. For me, this is how we make the world a better place for ourselves, our children and families, and ultimately the rest of our world. And, although I’m still (and will always be) a work in progress, I strive each day to live by the values and principles I share with others. That’s my promise to you.”

~ Rosemary Fusca


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