Town Reassigning Trucks to Scrape Road Surfaces from Thornbury to Christie Beach

Road Clearing Update
Areas of Thornbury, west to Christie Beach have been overwhelmed by the amount of snow received in the past week. Combined with colder temperatures and increased holiday traffic, this snow quickly compacted on the roads. This has made it extremely difficult to scrape this snow from the road surface.

The truck contracted on this route has been damaged and is undergoing repairs. The Town is moving 3 of its own trucks and a grader to scrape the streets beginning in Christie Beach and working east through Thornbury. The grader will operate through the night with the 3 trucks continuing the operation tomorrow. This may take some time due to the snow compaction and cold temperatures, and we may not be able to achieve “bare roads” in all locations.

Our contractor continues to load and haul excess snow. Bruce St. in Thornbury has been cleared and Clarksburg will done tomorrow.

We apologize for the inconvenience. While the Town is operating within the service standards established by Council, we recognize that this snowfall has presented challenges for a number of drivers. We hope to remedy the situation as soon as possible and thank you for your patience.