Clarksburg, Ontario – The fundraiser for Raven Taylor held recently at The Marsh Street Centre was a great success. Florian Lenders brilliantly led a team of volunteers at the MSC.


$3,500 was raised in 4 hours to benefit Raven and her family in their time of need.


Of note, musicians The Brown*s Music, Brianna McGowan, Gary Gillespie, Emma Wright, Chris Scerri, Erica and Mike McCarthy, Jim Harrison & The Extractions, emcee Bambalamb Kidd and sound technician Mike Wright of Elevantus gave of their time and talent to create a celebratory atmosphere. Special thanks to well known artist/musician Kyle Haight for Live Painting. Bill Monahan of Meaford Live Music provided us with top drawer media support!




A silent auction featured nearly forty items including gift certificates, sports items and original art. Thanks go to all who donated to the sale. You raised about half of the proceeds! It should be noted that the silent auction effort was spearheaded by Darlene Geihler with support from Sarah Andrews.


The fundraiser was the brainchild of John Malloy, who contacted Mr. Lenders. When Florian decided to adopt the project, he folded it into the Marsh Street Centre’s Friday Night Live Series. Under their leadership, the musical acts were organized, volunteer bartenders recruited, and the promotion machine was fired up. Local radio stations, news outlets, including Julie LeBlanc from Rogers TV, provided promotional time and talent. Special thanks to Janet Juniper and Chris Fell (local media).


Thanks so much to our friend Carey Stoofers of Captain’s Corners Fish and Chips for her VERY GENEROUS donation. Brian and Susan Leduc of Foodland generously donated pizza, which was much appreciated!


Although Raven herself could not attend because she needs to stay close to her Toronto hospital, she was able to view the event on Facebook Live. The positive outcome resulted from an area-wide effort by warm hearted volunteers and a generous public response. We wish Raven the best possible future.



Photo: Chris Scerri by Marissa Dolotallas