16-Year-Old Confronts Monsanto CEO

at Shareholder Meeting

Demanding Truth & Transparency



On Friday, January 29, 16-year-old high school student Rachel Parent flew from Toronto to St. Louis, Missouri; joined up with members of the U.S. group Mom’s Across America, and together addressed the CEO and 1,000 shareholders of Monsanto Company (NYSE: MON).  

As the founder of KidsRighttoKnow.com and Canada’s leading activist for the labeling of genetically engineered food, Rachel had the following two questions for Monsanto’s CEO Hugh Grant:

“If you truly believe your GM technology is safe, if you truly believe it has the potential to feed the world, why are you treating it like a dirty little secret that can’t be shown on food labels?  Why, if it’s such proven technology, are you spending millions of shareholders dollars fighting it, rather than promoting it?”

Rachel’s second question addressed her growing concern for the youth of North America as well as the generations to come:“Will you commit to publishing on your website, the controlled animal feeding studies that Monsanto conducted to determine the safety of GMOs and Round Up, including the raw data?” 

Not surprisingly, Grant failed to give Rachel the answers she was looking for.  Instead, he addressed her “passion” and “humbly” disagreed with her views.

“I was sadly disappointed with Mr. Grant’s answers, but what did I expect?” commented Rachel after the meeting. “However the experience of being ‘inside the lion’s den’ at Monsanto, and meeting face-to-face with the CEO and shareholders of the corporation that was voted “most-hated” in the world, was an experience I’ll never forget. I can’t wait to share the rest of the story.”

Fighting for food transparency and GM food labeling since she was 11, Rachel Parent’s articles have appeared in The Canadian Daily and Huffington Post, she has presented on the topic of GMOs at TEDx Toronto, and has appeared on numerous television programs, most famously for her exchange with venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary (ABC’s ‘Dragon’s Den’), where at 14, she took him to task on GMO safety.