As a being, a star like our sun generates a pure spectrum of light. A star however has a character that requires specific frequencies of the light that expresses the character of its own makeup. In the same manner the human race presents a full spectrum of beliefs, culture and expression, each human absorbing specific frequencies that expresses the set of beliefs or the culture that one resonates with. Displaying one’s stripes is much like the star absorbing the frequencies that describes its character, it is that safe place where one can exist and feel at ease because of the sense of belonging that resonates with others. The human cultures demand that one displays recognizable stripes or risk rejection and isolation.

Creative expressions of a human being draws from this spectrum of the human being, the intensity of the spectral lines denote how many resonate with the same expression. Any form of expression has equal opportunity of becoming an intense spectral resonation in the human race. In so much as a star undergoes change during its life cycle, the human being also undergoes changes; it is an intense and confusing time for us, we can hold what seem to be conflicting beliefs at the same time, some might call this cognitive dissonance. It is possible to be devoid of any recognizable stripes, it is possible that one’s belief stands alone, these are dangerous places that create a state of existential crisis.

A quantum theory of being would most certainly uncover a new understanding like quantum mechanics has; an understanding that goes against the grain of contemporary common sense. A quantum theory of being would illuminate a new understanding of our most pervasive ailments like cognitive dissonance, addiction and depression.


Here is an interesting idea about uncertainty principle as it relates to faith …