On Monday, shortly after noon, international bottled water giant Nestlé extracted the one billionth litre of water from their well in Aberfoyle, Ontario on an expired permit.

The Council of Canadians has joined with Wellington Water Watchers to demand that the Ontario government phase out permits used by all companies in the province that are producing single-serving, disposable bottled water products, and to deny all applications for any new permits from bottled water companies indefinitely.

WaterMeter-1billionSince Monday, thousands of people in Ontario have answered the Council of Canadians’ call to action to write to their Member of Provincial Parliament, asking them to put a stop to Nestlé’s ongoing water withdrawals.

The vast majority of the water Nestlé takes is shipped out of the watershed, never to return to replenish the aquifer. “Droughts, climate change and over-extraction continue to impact our finite groundwater sources,” says Maude Barlow, Honorary Chairperson of the Council of Canadians. “We need to move to a bottled water-free future to protect aquifers that communities rely on for drinking water.”

Do you live in Ontario? Send a letter to your MPP today and call on the Ontario government to reject Nestlé’s permit renewals and phase out bottled water permits for good.

Live outside of Ontario, but still want to take action? Join more than 57,000 people who have taken the Nestlé Boycott Pledge!