Museum reorganization project nears completion



After almost two years of effort, the storage upgrades at the Collingwood Museum are expected to be completed this week.


The final phase of storage upgrades is underway at the Collingwood Museum, with a completion date of Friday, May 6.


The Collingwood Museum received more than $20,000 from the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Cultural Spaces Fund for the acquisition of high density compact shelving.


Professional installers are assembling mobile storage units to safely accommodate the Museum’s largest and heaviest objects, as well as its boxed textile collection. Following the installation, staff will relocate the Museum’s largest artifacts from temporary storage in the south gallery to the new system.


Each of the new units is fully adjustable and has been designed specifically for Collingwood’s unique collection. At the project’s conclusion, staff will host a series of free behind-the-scenes tours to showcase the Museum’s exciting changes, made possible by this new storage system.


Since 2014, Museum staff have been working to implement storage solutions and reorganize the Museum’s largest storage room, utilizing the RE-ORG Canada methodology, which doesn’t advocate building or acquiring new storage facilities. Rather, the methodology promotes the effective use of existing space to ensure artifacts are accessible and protected, and that public access to the collection is enhanced.