The Liberals, the NDP, and the Con Apocalypse


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You had to see the look on Rona Ambrose’s face recently. For she wasn’t smiling or giggling like she was after she called Justin Trudeau a woman. 

She was screaming like a banshee.

The Liberals and the NDP have finally agreed on something. 

The Cons are on the road to ruin.

And it is the beginning of the Con apocalypse.

After weeks of criticism and controversy in the House of Commons, the Liberal government has agreed to support an NDP proposal that gives no one party a majority of seats on the committee that will study electoral reform. 

At the NDP’s suggestion, seats on the committee would be allotted proportionally according to the popular vote in last year’s federal election. The 12-member committee would be composed of five Liberals, three Conservatives, two New Democrats, one member of the Bloc Québécois and Green MP Elizabeth May.

Electoral reform will now almost certainly become a reality. And the Con’s hopes of ever forming another government are almost certainly doomed.

So they’re not just shocked they’re desperate, and like Scott Reid are crying foul….

“Support of one other party or indeed of every other party is not a replacement for the people,” Reid told reporters. “What’s being proposed today is, in my opinion, wildly undemocratic and quite frankly if it leads to the kind of changes the prime minister has favoured all along it will be unconstitutional.”

Even though the Cons are the last people in Canada to scream about something being undemocratic or unconstitutional…

And this must be like adding insult to injury.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the government is collaborating better with the opposition parties now because he feared they were behaving too much like the previous government under Stephen Harper.

A Prime Minister willing to surrender his majority on a committee, so his government doesn’t look like them…

“We heard the opposition’s concerns, that we were perhaps behaving in a way that was resembling more the previous government than the kind of approach and tone that we promised throughout the electoral campaign and we’re happy to demonstrate that absolutely, we’re looking for ways to better work with our colleagues in the House, to better hear Canadians and their concerns,” he said.

Which is truly remarkable. The Con media is trying to portray it as a defeat for the Liberals, but I think it’s a brilliant move that makes him look reasonable even magnanimous, while cutting the Cons out of the action.

So it’s all good. The NDP gets something constructive to do instead of playing dumb games in parliament. The fabulous Elizabeth May gets a chance to fully participate in the proceedings. And the Bloc gets a chance to…um…show they’re still alive !!

But of course the battle to change the way we vote is just beginning.

The committee must decide which system is better for Canadians. They must consult widely so all Canadians have a chance to contribute to the debate.

And above all they must crush the Con demands for a referendum.

Because the reason that ad looks like a funeral announcement is because they know that unless they get one they’re DEAD.

So after first claiming they have no idea why we might want change a system that gave them three election victories in a row…

You can expect them to beat that drum wildly…

And the problem is that the Con media have also been beating the same drum, so at the present time a referendum is favoured by most Canadians. 

As Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government took its first step in overhauling the country’s electoral system, a new poll suggests nearly three-quarters of Canadians say any changes should be put to a national referendum. 

The poll, conducted exclusively for Global News by Ipsos Public Affairs, found 73 per cent of respondents “agree” (37 per cent strongly/36 per cent somewhat) that the Liberals shouldn’t make any changes to the country’s voting system without a national referendum first.

So it will take a massive educational campaign to change their minds, win them over to the idea of electoral reform.

And then convince them that a referendum will only preserve the status quo.

But at least now we’re off to a good start at last. And as I’ve always said, when progressives work together NOTHING can stop us.

Congratulations Liberals, NDPers, Greens, and Blockers.

See you at the mob funeral…

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