Fishing Restriction Proposed By-law


Because of complaints, the Municipality is proposing a by-law to restrict fishing in Rapers Park and the parklands north and west of Bayfield Street.  A copy of the proposed by-law can be found at By-law 2017-71

Please take a moment to answer a 3 question survey to express your opinions and thoughts. We will need your responses by January 10th. Thank you.


  1. As A Taxpayer In The Municipality Of Meaford I Am Against Any Agendas That Would Prevent Our Children ,Grand Children Or Great Grand Children From Fishing In Our Local Tributaries As It Is Certainly Better Having Them Do That Than Some Other Activities They Could Get Into.If You Are Going To Do This I Request to Be Notified And I Would Like A Recorded Vote . My Address Is 498475 Concession 6 North RR#1 Annan

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