The Meaford Fire Department hosted the University of Guelph/Equine Guelph technical large animal rescue course recently at the Meaford Fire Hall and had members of nine fire services and two municipal police mounted units here learning new methods of rescue.



By Gayle Ecker – Director, Equine Guelph

Equine Guelph is the centre for the horse owners at the University of Guelph and was set up by the industry for the industry. We promote health, welfare and safety of the horse and the people in the horse industry. Our large animal rescue training has been going on for about 4 years now, and each year we develop it to a higher level started with a partnership with the Adja-Tos Fire department 4 years ago.Meaford_Fire_Department

We now have a very strong partnership with Chief Scott Granahan, and the Meaford Fire Department, and this is the second time that we have held the training here in Meaford, both with great turnouts. We feel strongly that this training is of benefit for all fire departments to help their communities, and we are very proud of the relationship that Equine Guelph has developed with the Meaford Fire Department and Training Centre, so that this training can be offered and developed.

Several of our fire fighter trainers are also horse owners, so this add such depth to the discussions, we push fire safety and prevention, as well as safety around large animals by Meaford_Fire_Departmentunderstanding animal behaviour under normal circumstances and under the stressful circumstances one sees in a rescue situation.

People care deeply about their animals and along with the high concern, there is often a high economic value to some animals as well, so the human will often go to great lengths to rescue their animal. Incidents involving animals soon become incidents involving humans, as their caretakers try whatever they can to save their animals!


Sincerely, Gayle

Gayle Ecker, Hon. B.A., B.Ed., M.Sc.
Director, Equine Guelph

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Photos courtesy of Jackie Bellamy-Zions and Guelph Equine


Photos courtesy of Jackie Bellamy-Zions and Guelph Equine


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