2017 Draft Budget Update



Meaford, Ontario – October 31, 2016 – As part of the budget process, 3 public consultation sessions were held last week in Annan, Bognor, and at the Riverside Community Centre to gather input on the 2017 budget.

At the next Council meeting on Monday November 7, 2016 Council will review the draft budget and make decisions on the proposed budget enhancements.

As the chart below demonstrates, the current recommended tax levy increase for 2016 is set at 1.293%


Base 2016 Budget $12,895,990
Base Budget Decrease -$105,965 -1.052%
“Preservation Model” Funding $122,950 0.953%
Bridge Capital Funding $198,550 1.539%
Facility Capital Funding $68,000 0.527%
Reduced Capital Works -$116,800 -0.905%
Requested 2017 Budget $13,113,725
Requested Additional Funding $166,735 1.293%


At this rate, the average residential property would see an additional $25.65 per year levied in taxes. For other property impacts, see the chart below.









Full budget documents, presentations and Q&A’s can be found at www.meaford.ca/budgets.

The final statutory public budget meeting will be held on December 5, 2016 at 6:30pm at the Meaford Council chambers.

Any budget questions or comments can be directed to budgets@meaford.ca.