Heart of Turtle Island:  The Great Escarpment


with award-winning photographer/publisher Mark Zelinski



WHEN: Wednesday, April 20, 6-7pm

WHERE: Simcoe Street Theatre @ 65 Simcoe St, Collingwood

WHAT: Blue Mountain Watershed Trust 

BE THE CHANGE Documentary Film Series presents Heart of Turtle Island:  The Great Escarpment

WHO: photographer/publisher Mark Zelinski


Award-winning photographer/publisher Mark Zelinski presents a short film and power-point presentation about his upcoming book, “Heart of Turtle island: The Great Escarpment” featuring brilliant landscape, wildlife and cultural photography from the Niagara River to The Bruce Peninsula.


Zelinski’s lifelong appreciation of the Niagara Escarpment has inspired him to create new book of photography “Heart Of Turtle Island: The Great Excarpment” for release in 2017. The presentation “Heart of Turtle Island:  The Great Escarpment” brings focus to the environmental treasures of the magnificent Niagara Escarpment, to celebrate its conservation and management, and to promote the diverse native and settler communities that thrive along its rugged, curving path.


Recognized as one of the world’s unique natural wonders, The Niagara Escarpment’s ecosystems support hundreds of at-risk species that coexist alongside the most densely populated and heavily developed region in Canada.  Stunning photos will provide an intimate glimpse of environmentally sensitive areas, wildlife species and rare flora, and showcase the spectrum of parks, trails, conservation lands,and the communities and productive farmlands protected by The Greenbelt.


Zelinski’s presentation “Heart of Turtle Island:  The Great Escarpment” reveals some of the most unique and fragile gems of The Niagara Escarpment and acknowledges its growing legions of protectors. At 7PM following Zelinski’s presentation will be the Screening of HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD – the story of Greenpeace.


Zelinski: “Some of my earliest memories are of exploring Rattlesnake Point, Lowville and Webster’s Falls in the late fifties. I’ve always been drawn to the lands of the escarpment: my early work as a painter, photographer and filmmaker was inspired by the ancient trees, cliffs, potholes and waterfalls that became my friends as a child. I’ve spent much of my life traveling the world exploring remote regions and cultures but I always return here.  The escarpment has always been a powerful influence, an ever-present personality: like a spine that connects life force, for me it is a place of healing.”


***JT – to support the project people are making advance orders of signed copies of “Heart Of Turtle Island: The Great Escarpment” – names of all advance purchasers will be printed in the book.


For advance orders see  markzelinski.com/books.html 


About Mark Zelinski:Trained as an artist and a designer at The Ontario College of Art and Design, Mark Zelinski possesses an uncommon ability to compose and communicate through the photographic medium. He has enjoyed a diverse career as a professional photographer since 1977, and is also a publisher, writer, painter, filmmaker and winner of the Canadian Governor General’s Medal.  Mark has published seven internationally acclaimed photography books, which include forewords by HRH Prince Philip, His Majesty King Constantine, and Justin Trudeau. 


In 2010 Zelinski launched the “Books That Heal” initiative – donating 7,000 copies of his books to 100 worldwide charities to aid rescued victims of human trafficking, child abuse prevention, homeless youth, literacy, crime prevention and charity fundraising.