Volunteers are working hard this weekend to decorate Collingwood Public Library with almost 700 works of art by area children. Magic of Children in the Arts Exhibition is in its 21st year and growing annually. The organization wants to give youngsters a chance to be recognized for their creativity and foster a life-long interest in the arts. 
Magic of Children in the Arts was founded in 1994 by Collingwood artist Lory MacDonald. With the help of parents and volunteers, it has evolved into an annual event at the Collingwood Public Library.

Educators have long recognized that children who create art early on are better students throughout their school years, better problem solvers and better emotionally equipped for adulthood. Children who participate in the exhibition each receive positive encouragement from professional artists and win a prize of age-specific art materials. 

This year’s show opens on March 3 and runs until April 28 at the Collingwood Public Library. More information about the exhbition can be found at www.magicofchildren.ca


Like magic, young minds blossom with imagination and creativity when children create art. Founded in Collingwood, Ontario, Magic of Children in the Arts has grown to an annual exhibition of over 600 artworks created by children in our community. This is our 21st year and we are still excited about helping young artists experience the benefits of making art.art3

Our mission is to inspire and encourage children to create, exhibit and celebrate art. Each piece of art submitted to the exhibition is reviewed by professional artists and EACH child receives a positive comment and a prize of art materials. The show culminates with an awards presentation.

With thanks to a strong partnership between our organization and the arts community, schools, the Collingwood Public Library, local businesses, community groups, parents and volunteers, Magic of Children in the Arts reaches more families every year. We hope you will join us this year.