Someone is threatening an environmental activist, Laisa Santos Sampaio, for speaking out to protect the Amazon rainforest from logging. 

Sometimes the best way to protect the environment is to protect the brave people who speak out in its defense —  people like Laisa Santos Sampaio. She is being targeted for her work to protect the rainforest from illegal logging.  

Many people rely on the rainforest for their livelihood. Laisa and her colleagues, for example, produce cosmetics, medicines and ointments from forest fruits and nuts. 

The threats against Laisa are severe enough that she had to leave home and find a community where she would be safer. In 2011 her sister and brother-in-law — also environmentalists — were killed for standing up for the Amazon. 

The person accused of ordering their deaths was not arrested.  Laísa believes that he is one of the people who continues to threaten her

Laisa is an activist, a school teacher, and a mother of eight, who has been at the forefront of her community’s opposition to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest in Para state, Brazil. 

She needs our help.