Diving In – Jayden Grahlman


Music is my passion! From writing, arranging, performing and collaborating with others, music is my life. You may know me from seeing me play live, on social media or through mutual friends. Blues & folk are very influential to me in my songwriting; as well as elements of funk and Hip-Hop. I’m always working on something new and… I’m ready for the next project, lets dive in!


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Being a self made artist is both challenging and rewarding.  I love the freedom this path has offered me and I love (you) the dedicated music-lovers that have joined me on this journey.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support.

Having said all that –  one thing a self made artist really needs in order to do anything (produce a great-sounding album, print merchandise, hire musicians) – is funding. I’m hoping you’ll join me in this journey to my next musical project – that is – a FULL-LENGTH ALBUM!

Photo by: Valerie Boulet Val Boulet!!!

Even though this is my first solo album, I believe I have enough faithful listeners and friends that are willing to be co-contributors to a real high-quality full-length album!

I feel more inspired than ever to write better music; always pushing and challenging myself. My main inspiration for this album has been Americana with Funk and Urban undertones.  I have much material to sort through and refine, and in this process I have found that new songs keep coming to me.  I have a theme for the album content, he visualization for photography and art, as well as guest  lined up to join me. I’m very excited about where this album will take me – and you!

Thank you so much for reading, supporting and sharing this campaign with your friends and networks. That is really the only way I’ll be able to do this!

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Thanks a million – I can’t wait to get started!!!


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