Jason Booth: Terminal 64 Art Show


Terminal 64 focuses on the rich history behind the walls of one of the most mysterious buildings in the Southern Georgian Bay area. This photo art tour will take you from the basement to the highest part of the building, exposing all the mysteries within.

In 2012, Jason Booth had the rare privilege of gaining access to the building to document the interior. The photographs show a structure that is still quire sound and ready to be revived into its next chapter.

“This show showcases my photo art of the inside of the grain elevators after having been closed to the public eye since the early 1990s and will allow people to see inside from a different perspective.”




Jason has spent years crafting his unique skill of “photo art,” turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. He is a homegrown, self-taught photographer and artist and has spent almost 20 years capturing the life of Collingwood.

An old soul, focusing on the heritage of Collingwood, his style of photography has two spins on it. One is a vibrant image, while the second might have a heritage spin to it. Jason’s ability to edit and give an image an “artful life” allows him to set his own sail.

“What I am doing here is a passion,” he says. “Both preserving the past in a personal collection, archiving along with providing education of our past; all while photographing the current.”

If you would like to purchase any of the artwork in this show, enquire at the Library’s Public Services Desk or call 705-445-1571.