You live on the same planet where this murderous, vile carnage is happening.



By Toby Ferret


How many children have died in the Middle East now because of Arab-on-Arab violence, Arab-on-Israeli violence, Israeli-on-Arab violence, Sunni-on-Shia violence, Shia-on-Sunni violence?

Over the decades, millions of small children. Bombed, burned, crushed, executed, gassed, tortured,

Today is another horrific image. Will you, the digital voyeur of this violence – because that’s exactly what you’re doing from the comfort of your first-world-fortress, idly flipping through Facebook with your digital toys. Will you care – at all? Will even raise one comfort-laden finger – at all? No. Probably not. It’s just too bad, it’s too hear-wrenching, but it’s not your problem. You didn’t start this conflict. Not your culture. Not your people. You can’t stop it.

I have news for you. It is your problem, You live on the same planet where this murderous, vile carnage is happening. You can’t escape it. It infects the global civilization, it infects, security and stability. Most of all, this violence gorges itself on the blood of the innocent and shatters their small psyches for a lifetime.

Human beings are ruthless, savage, tribal creatures that have no qualms inflicting harm on others if it suits their purpose and there is something to be gained by it.

Now I will have another haunting image of human brutality to carry in my thoughts for the balance of my life, as I wrestle with my conscience about what I can do to fight against this evil.



CBC- Five-year-old Omran Daqnee
CBC- Five-year-old Omran Daqnee was pulled, bloodied and dazed, from the rubble of a hospital in Aleppo, Syria, following an airstrike Wednesday night. (Mahmoud Raslan/Aleppo Media Center)



Haunting image circulates of 5-year-old Syrian boy rescued from Aleppo rubble

Photo, video of stunned and bloodied boy underscores horrors of war-ravaged city


Syrian opposition activists have released haunting footage showing a young boy rescued from the rubble in the aftermath of a devastating airstrike in Aleppo.

The image of the stunned and weary-looking boy, sitting in an orange chair inside an ambulance covered in dust and with blood on his face, encapsulates the horrors inflicted on the war-ravaged northern city and is being widely shared on social media.



A doctor in Aleppo on Thursday identified the boy as five-year-old Omran Daqneesh. Osama Abu al-Ezz confirmed he was brought to the hospital known as “M10” Wednesday night following an airstrike on the rebel-held neighbourhood of Qaterji with head wounds, but no brain injury, and was later discharged.

Rescue workers and journalists arrived at Qaterji shortly after the strike and began pulling victims from the rubble.

“We were passing them from one balcony to the other,” said photojournalist Mahmoud Raslan, who took the iconic photo. He said he had passed along three lifeless bodies before receiving the wounded boy.

A doctor at M10 later reported eight dead, among them five children.

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