Did you know there are 2.5 million lakes and rivers across Canada? Not long ago, every one of them was protected by federal legislation.

Today, only 159 are protected.
You can change this.
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You may remember Bill C-45, the omnibus budget bill the Harper Conservatives rammed through Parliament in 2012 without any public consultations.

Quietly tucked into that bill were sweeping changes to Canada’s Navigable Waters Protection Act, which stripped 99% of our lakes and rivers of federal environmental protections.
Why would the Conservatives do such a thing? The day their new law came into effect it cancelled environmental reviews for 3,000 energy projects – including tar sands pipelines, fracking and mining – greasing the wheels to fast-track federal approval.
Against the will of the public, the Harper Conservatives have put a higher value on dirty fossil fuels than the safety of our water.
As a direct result, they have put the health of millions of Canadians and Indigenous people at risk and left 99% of our lakes and rivers exposed to devastating contamination.
This Canada Day, let’s come together to restore these protections.
Sign the national petition
I’ve told you about Caribou Legs, the Indigenous ultra-marathoner running from Vancouver to Ottawa to raise awareness of the vulnerability of our lakes, rivers and drinking water. He’s just arrived in Calgary, having run almost 1,000 kilometres.
Will you join Caribou Legs in helping to raise awareness by signing the petition calling on our federal leaders to restore protections? If enough of us speak up now we can even make this a ballot box issue in the lead up to October’s federal election!

My goal is to reach 10,000 signatures by Canada Day.
I can’t think of anything more quintessentially Canadian than our lakes and rivers. They are our environmental and cultural treasures – and the source of drinking water for millions of us.
Thank you so much for taking action to protect them.

With hope and resolve, 

Maude Barlow
Maude Barlow
National Chairperson