Well it’s official. Global record cold temperatures this year have been fantastic for The Great Lakes of North America. Another month of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures has led government experts to project water levels in the Great Lakes will rise even more in the coming months than earlier estimated. We will be back to historic averages.

On Wednesday, ice covered roughly 90 percent of the Great Lakes, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It puts the Lakes within striking distance of the known record of 94.8 percent set in 1994. Six-month forecasts generated by the Army Corps raise the possibility that all but Lakes Michigan and Huron could rise above their long-term averages by this summer.

It’s been a long, cold winter. The snow covered Pyramids–not the fake ones –looked astonishing this year. Snow on the pyramids has not happened in well over 100 years. And records have been set: The coldest temperature ever recorded on earth occurred in Antarctica this year at minus 135 degrees below Fahrenheit, trumping a record set in 1983. So cold, a NASA space suit would come in handy. The record was captured by NASA’s Aqua MODIS Satellite.

Speaking of ice, a Russian expedition ship carrying a gaggle of Global Warming Scientists got stuck in the ice earlier this year. They were there to show how Global Warming had made the ice disappear, but, found themselves stuck in record-level Antarctic Ice. A Chinese Icebreaker Xue Long, or Snow Dragon, went to rescue the Global Warming Scientists, but the rescue Icebreaker also got stuck in the ice.

Two more icebreakers went to rescue the 74 trapped researchers, crew, and tourists on the Global Warming expedition and the trapped Chinese icebreaker. The French & Australians came to the rescue. The rescue was carried out with long-range emergency helicopters, which airlifted the people to safety placing them on the Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis. The irony of this situation was not lost on anyone.

Late Night Talk Shows had a field day with Al Gore & Global Warming. Back in March 2000, Global Warming scientists predicted that snowfalls would be a thing of the past. And Al Gore in 2007, 2008, and 2009, publicly warned the world that the poles would be completely ice free by the year 2013“The science is settled,”he said.


Who is this Al Gore guy, really?

Meet the great leader, American prophet—the Goracle… Al Gore. Well, If you take him at his word, “I created the Internet.” “CO2 is pollution.” “The arctic will be ice free by 2013.” “We need Global Carbon Tax to save the earth.”He won a Nobel Peace Prize & an Academy Award for “Global Warming.” Excelsior!

Man/Bear/Pig  A “lonely and attention-desperate Al Gore” probably did not want to go down in history as the guy who won the presidential election, and then handed the presidency over to George Bush… which is what he did. Al Gore was scammed out of being the 43rd President of The United States of America. The 2000 election fraud was probably one of the most blatant scams in American history.

But don’t feel too sorry for Al Gore. He charges $5,486.91 dollars per minute (yes, you read that right) to speak at one of his “green” speeches.He’s doing pretty good for a guy who left the White House with 1.7 million in personal wealth—in the circle of billionaires’ that the Goracle runs with 1.7 million would have made Al Gore the Homeless guy at the caviar tasting party.

Al Gore’s luck was to change, ever since the role out with near-deafening buzz of the film An Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore’s new public identity was that of the titular head of the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) theory — which he promotes as an absolute truth to the public. Fourteen years after leaving the Executive Branch of the White House, he is now worth an estimated 300 million in personal wealth.



In 2004, he partnered up with David W. Blood, a former scumbag Goldman Sachs Managing Director, who had overseen assets totaling $325 billion. Goldman Sachs is basically a financial organized crime syndicate, and this Wall Street Mr. Blood sucker is notorious for sticking his Blood funnel into anything that smells of money. He and Gore launched Generation Investment Management (GIM) together. (Gore originally wanted to call the firm “Blood and Gore”). Al Gore is the Chairman of GIM, with $7 billion in assets under management, additionally, trillions in direct asset influence of listed GIM partners.

Yes, GIM have jets, properties, lobbyists (Gore being the big stick), and they finance politicians, give tax-free donations to the Democratic Party only, etc. Republicans or Democrats, they are all a gaggle of thieves, both parties. GIM runs standard bottom-line driven influence peddling in Washington and around the Globe. It’s not a charity, and one of there goals is Global Carbon Tax…It’s BIG business, worth Trillions.

Lets not forget Al Gore sold Current TV, a television channel he developed, to Middle East Big Oil, which funded Al-Jazeera Network. They were desperately looking for a way to get into the North American Television Market. “We have bottomless funds at Al-Jazeera, making money isn’t what we worry about,” one of the Current TV executives bragged. The American prophet, the Goracle, personally pocketed close to $100,000,000.00 on that half a billion dollar deal, by taking money from oil-rich Qatar, the very Big Oil Co2 despoilers he crusaded against. Al Gore often quoted, “There is no such thing as ethical oil; there is only dirty oil and dirtier oil”. The Daily Showtelevision host Jon Stewart once asked,“Can mogul Al Gore coexist with activist Al Gore?” Jon Stewart, I think you got your answer.

In another instance, Al Gore’s GIM took a 10 percent ownership stake in the Chicago Climate Exchange, set up in 2003 by former derivatives guru Richard Sandor to take advantage of what the exchange’s founders hoped would be a government-mandated price on carbon. If emissions limits had been approved by congress, both Camco and the exchange would have stood to rake in staggeringly huge profits. Gore stood to make untold amounts of money on Global Warming caused by Carbon in this deal.Global Warming / Global Carbon Tax was going to make him a billionaire overnight.

But government-mandated Carbon Tax got messy in Washington: Who has to pay carbon tax, why, how, where, when, if ever…repeals, repeals to the laws successfully lobbied, etc, etc, etc…. “The total amount of CO2 equivalent emissions liable in the first year of the carbon price or tax for the $23 per tonne fee on 284,562,865 tonnes.” We are talking about trillions of dollars. GIM and Goldman Sachs should have greased the palms of the sweaty senators a little thicker when buying their votes in Washington.

Despite Obama’s pledge to help Al Gore with carbon pricing, it would have to wait until after getting elected to a second term. This was not good for Blood and Gore. In May 2010 the Camco & Chicago Climate Exchange sold for a paltry $581 million to a foreign Investment firm looking to exploit the Carbon Taxing of America. They were later shutdown, as carbon prices fell to an all-time low.

Al Gore’s GIM press secretary would only say, “that neither Camco nor Chicago Climate Exchange was a profitable investment.” Gore is still the ever-dutiful salesman pushing for…Global Carbon Tax.

Since the launching of the film An Inconvenient Truth, the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) theory has been promoted to the public as a non-debatable scientific fact. In the last several years, however, cracks in the fortress of “settled science” have appeared everywhere. Increasingly, predictions have failed to come true in spectacular fashion.




An inconvenient truth is that all predictive models seemed to have failed.

Failed temperature prediction

Failed sea ice prediction.

Failed tornado prediction

Failed hurricane prediction

Failed drought prediction

Failed end of snow prediction

Failed sea level prediction

When Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory gives you lemons…make lemonade! Obviously, the name “Global Warming” was becoming humiliating, so the public relations arm of AGW rolled out a new name: “Climate Change.”

“Let’s call it Climate Change”, so opaque.

On a positive note, they have not given up.No quitting for Al Gore. Al Gore’s GIM company has announced they will be “helping” any Democratic politician who will pitch Global Warming & Global Carbon Tax as part of there election platform. Enter stage right: “The Politics of the Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory.” Last night, on queue, the US Senate held an all-night filibuster talk-a-thon to audition for the Global Warming Show and, of course, to win cash prizes. As they say, the show must go on.

As a former Global Warming cult member, let me tell you how it works. What we do is marry corporate responsibility, being stewards of the environment, anti pollution movement, fighting corporate greed, love of the earth, the children’s future… and marry all this to CO2 & Global Carbon Tax. They have mashed all this together like mashed potatoes.

You question Global Warming, and you get the answer, “why don’t you love mother earth?” or “the science is settled” or “97% of scientist agree…”” That is how it works. It’s “stop think”, as George Orwell called it. “Relax, just don’t believe you lying eyes…there’s no snow. You will be fine in a T Shirt, its not cold…Al Gore said so, the American prophet—the Goracle.”


The deprogramming may take years for some people to even question any information that contravenes this New Age Religion of Global Carbon Tax.Irony is, I am more of an active environmentalist then any point in my life. I am currently at war, trying to prevent a Microwave Cell Tower from going up next to our school in my own community. I am sharing my horror over Fuckyoushima, which is pouring 300 tons a day of radioactive waste into the ocean. I speak out loudly against Oil Fracking, Monsanto GMO’s, and pesticide pollution. The list is long. I have deep concerns.

I think it needs to be pointed out, that we humans are part of a beautiful, virtuous cycle. Plants produce oxygen – without which there would be no people, polar bears, baby seals, pandas, or rhinos. In our turn, we produce CO2 – on which plants depend.CO2 is vital to a healthy, green planet. CO2 is plant food.Calling CO2 a pollutant is like calling H2O a pollutant?H2O is water.

Global Carbon Tax is the end game.

I will end this blog with a joke. Here we go, “So…how do you know when a politician is lying?” “Simple. When his lips are moving.”

ETHICS WARNING:The reason I have told you all this is because…I was once a follower of the American prophet—the Goracle. I used to be a strong advocate for Global Warming, until research and knowledge contravened the sales pitch. I guess I know what it feels like to be an Ex- Scientologist or a moony Jim Jones cult member. My advice is don’t eat the yellow snow.