Not all workers get paid for their labor on Thanksgiving. Click here to donate to water protectors standing against the Line 3 Pipeline in Minnesota.


Dear John,

Last year, I spent Thanksgiving standing with Native American water protectors and their allies at Standing Rock. It was a cold day, the wind was howling and many who had been at the Oceti Sakowin camp for months were plain exhausted. But on that day, we were warmed and energized by what brought us together – a fight for the land, clean water, clean air and Native American dignity. Standing Rock was not just about a pipeline – it was also about the intersecting crises of climate change, racism/bigotry and state-sanctioned violence oppressing far too many people.

A year later the same crises are impacting Native American communities opposing the Line 3 pipeline in Minnesota. The same corporation, Energy Transfer Partners, that disregarded Native sovereignty in North Dakota wants to do the same in another state, and in a way that disproportionately impacts Native culture and natural resources.

Please click here to offer a gift for Water Protectors in Minnesota who are standing against the Line 3 Pipeline.

Something occurred to me while speaking with my friends on the ground in Minnesota. Many of us have grown disgusted with the focus on profit during the holidays. It’s bad enough that low-wage workers have to be away from their families and friends, working long hours on Black Friday and through the weekend. But on this annual celebration of gratuitous consumerism, many workers are now forced to work on the Thanksgiving holiday itself.



And it’s even worse for the water protectors in Minnesota who will be fighting for their lives, land and water, and won’t receive any wages at all for their hard and imperative work. With your help we can change that, we can show them we are in solidarity with them by offering a gift for their efforts, their love and their sacrifice.

Please click here to send a gift to Minnesota water protectors sacrificing their holiday weekend for our mutual home and planet.

In solidarity and gratitude,

Anthony, on behalf of The Leap