Consider “George’s Georgian Bay, revisited” as your “one-stop, familiarization spot” to help you learn more about what’s what on this eastern part of Lake Huron. Lake Huron is one of the five, famous Great Lakes and Georgian Bay, which measures about 121 miles (193 km.) north-south and 55 miles (88 km.) east-west, is on Lake Huron’s east side.
Author George Czerny is a long-time resident of the Collingwood area on the southern shore of Georgian Bay. He has traveled extensively around what he calls his “centre of the universe”.
Lake Huron is one of the five, famous Great Lakes, bisected by the border that runs between Canada and the United States of America.
Explorers first came to Georgian Bay in the 1600s. You can be a modern-day explorer!
Enjoy “George’s Georgian Bay” to familiarize yourself with various aspects of the Georgian Bay region. Use this book’s references to contact tourism information organizations, or chambers of commerce, ahead of time. They know their respective areas better than anybody else and are happy to help you. George provide contact information for you and much, much more about Georgian Bay.
In one part of this book, he describes – almost kilometer by kilometer – what it’s like to travel clockwise around Georgian Bay, starting from Collingwood on the southern shore.


The back cover features an aerial view of the “Village at Blue” at Blue Mountain Resorts in the Town of the Blue Mountains. When it comes to tourism, there is no place around Georgian Bay which has had as much explosive growth in the past decade as at Blue Mountain Resorts, says Czerny.

Google. Yes, you can Google, or search the internet in other ways, to find out more information about Georgian Bay and the various things to do around Georgian Bay. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of bits of information and photographs exist on the internet. It would take you weeks, if not months, to create what George has created with “George’s Georgian Bay, revisited” at your fingertips.
“George’s Georgian Bay is a one-stop familiarization spot which introduces readers to this marvelous region, with an helpful overview of what’s what. After that, you can Google, based on George’s tips…..or, better still, visit Georgian Bay!
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George Czerny-Holownia has been writing for more than four decades under the name George Czerny. He spent almost 30 years in the newspaper business, starting as a reporter/photographer and then taking on any challenges thrown at him in a newsroom.
He moved on from being managing editor of a daily newspaper to becoming the publisher and general manager of the then-weekly newspaper, The Enterprise-Bulletin in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. A 14-year stint at the helm of this community newspaper put him in close proximity with small-town community life and the then-busy (but now closed) Collingwood Shipyards about which he has written.
Mr. Czerny married Nancy in 1968. They live in Collingwood, Ontario. George and Nancy have two sons, Stephen and Douglas, and five grandchildren to whom The Collingwood Shipyards book is dedicated. George has published nine other books using the Blurb system and enjoys boating in his spare time each summer.

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