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The bright colors and crisp, moist air tell us that fall is in full swing. With that in mind, we will start cooking heartier dishes with bolder flavors therefore we will be looking for some great wines to accompany them. The wines I’ve chosen for this week in Club Foody Wine Review are a white and a red which both come from Italy. They are easy to pair with a variety of food and can be enjoyed on their own…

clubfoody.comMy selected white wine is from northern Italy – Voga Italia Pinot Grigio. This popular Italian wine has strong crisp citrus on the nose with a voga-pinot-grigio-1clean floral aroma. The palate shows a delectable mix of ripe white fruits with a nice balance of lemon, with a fresh, crisp finish. This wine will pair perfectly with chicken cordon bleu or fish cooked in a light broth. I also enjoy sipping this refreshing wine in the afternoon reading a book while soft jazz is playing in the background. This beautiful wine can be purchased around $14.49.

The red wine I’ve selected is Ogio Primitivo 2014 from the Puglia region of Italy which forms the heel of Italy’s boot. This wine is made fromogio Primitivo grapes which are quite similar in character to Zinfandel grape varietals. This medium-bodied red is rich and fruity with flavors of blackcurrant and black pepper. The tannins are complemented by cherry and blackberry on the palate for a smooth finish. Best paired with a Bolognese pasta sauce or grilled lamb with a side of salad with goat cheese. This wine can be found at your local wine/liquor store for around $11.99.


With heavier meals cooked during this season, these two wines are good choices at a reasonable price. Cheers!

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