The Shen Yun Season Starts Now!


The holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time for us to tie a bow on our all-new show and deliver it to a city near you!


Over months of rehearsals we’ve honed every artistic and technical aspect of our program down to the smallest detail. But now the air at our New York headquarters is sporting a distinct frostiness that makes us itch for the road. It’s time to take what we’ve created and share it with you: our greater Shen Yun family.

Featuring a cast of heroes and heroines both old and new, the 2017 program will whisk you away to fantastic realms, remote villages, and palaces filled with ancient splendor. Buoyed by the vast sound of the Shen Yun orchestra, our dancers will bring to life tales from China’s past and its many peoples, as well as give hope for its future. And as far as time travel goes, we feel our methods are pretty convenient.

Last month we announced our fifth touring group, the Shen Yun North America Company. This is an 80-person strong endeavor that includes, like our other companies, a full orchestra and technical staff. You might recognize featured dancers and Shen Yun veterans Tony Xue, Steven Wang, and Rachael Yu Ming Bastick as well as conductor Chia-Chi Lin, but there will be fresh new faces touring for their very first time.

And all of us, old and new, can’t wait to get out on the road to see you! Our first U.S. stops will be Oklahoma City (Dec. 22-23), Detroit (Dec. 22-27), Cincinnati (Dec. 22-23), Houston (Dec. 26-Jan. 2), and Austin (Dec. 26-28).

You can check out our up-to-date, global schedule here at the Shen Yun website, but be sure to also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for announcements and an inside look at what our companies are up to, no matter where they are in the world.

This holiday season treat your friends, treat your family, but most importantly, treat yourself to the Shen Yun experience! You’ll find us in a city near you.