Ontario has faced some seriously wacky weather this past year. The never-ending polar vortex, dramatic ice storms and flash flooding have left many of us with busted pipes, soggy basements and frayed nerves.

Ice storms and floods are unsettling reminders that our communities are vulnerable to Mother Nature’s  whims. As our climate changes, extreme storms formerly referred to as “once in a century” are becoming disturbingly common.

In response to the December ice storm that downed thousands of trees and left millions of residents without power for days, the Government of Ontario recently announced a plan tospend $190 million to help municipalities recover.

While municipalities welcomed the province picking up a portion of the tab, the funds will not pay to replace trees or to prepare us for future extreme weather events.

The Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition recently asked the Ontario government to create a multi-stakeholder advisory committee to review and make recommendations on how Ontario can bring its infrastructure policies in line with the new climate reality we’re facing.

But we haven’t heard back.

That’s why we are asking you to send an email to Ontario’s Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Linda Jeffrey. 

Let her know you want the province to support efforts to spur the creation of living, green infrastructure in our cities. Ask her to help Ontario get ahead of the storm by bringing nature home.


Support the David Suzuki Foundation! Our dedicated team ensures that even the smallest contributions go a long way towards protecting nature in Canada.


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