We had our second official date last night, and I learned one sign language word ‘thank you.’ Now although I say it was an official date, we’ve been working on this for over a year now, as friends, but of late we’ve decided to call it ‘dating’.

So let’s get to the update. On our last date he didn’t want to eat Japanese food, and we left the restaurant, however, he did say that next time he would like to try it. Well the next time was last night, and yeah, he wasn’t having it. Haha, I met him at the Japanese restaurant, thinking that’s where we will eat and chat, however, when he got there I could tell from his face once again that he wasn’t feeling the atmosphere. Don’t misunderstand, it’s a great environment, but if someone isn’t feeling the menu then obviously they won’t enjoy the vibe.

He tried to talk to me, but the restaurant was noisy, and I couldn’t make out what he was saying, so I encouraged him to take out his cell so we could communicate better. He texted and said “Let’s go to another restaurant. I want to treat you to somewhere nice. There’s a great restaurant at Yonge and Dundas.” I asked him which one, because although I love downtown Toronto, and live in the heart of it, I was not particularly interested in going to Yonge street. Even though it’s just a block from me, I still wasn’t feeling the crowd on a Sunday evening.

He told me which restaurant, and of course I’ve been there many times before, so I asked him if we could do something low key around the corner. It was a good compromise. The restaurant was quieter, so it was much better for me to hear him. As before, he did a great job reading my lips. In all seriousness, we had a real conversation that was very inspiring and rewarding. He even said “I am really enjoying myself. This conversation is just like two people sitting and talking normally, and it’s our first time we’ve done this to this level.” As a matter of fact we only took our phones out a few times, and it was more for clarification as opposed to communication.

We spoke again about how he went deaf. It was at age two in Bulgaria when he got sick. The doctor injected him with antibiotics and he never heard 100% again. He then added to the story, and told me when it was that he actually realized he was hearing impaired. It was at the age of 7 when he noticed that he couldn’t hear like everyone else. It bothered him, so he asked his mother why he couldn’t hear. She told him the story, and he cried for a long time afterwards. He said he cried for years on and off.

Nevertheless, these days he doesn’t cry any longer, because he has turned his tragedy into treasure by looking at things more positively. He says it could be worse. He knows people from the hearing centre he attends for hearing checkups and such, that are hearing impaired and blind. He says seeing those people who are hearing impaired and blind makes him feel very sad for them, but it also demonstrates to him that he is fortunate to at least have his sight, so these days he is grateful instead of sorrowful.

Our date was going so awesomely well that I showed him the last DATING UPDATE I wrote about him, and we read it together as we ate and drank. I wanted to share with him the awesome support we were receiving online. He was overjoyed that I cared so much as to write about him in such an enduring way, and after reading it all he could do was smile and say thank you.

He did make one comment about the DATING UPDATE. The part where I wrote that we might not be long time life companions, because he wants to have children one day, and I was not interested, as I already have children who are grown, and now I’m a grandmother.  

What was his comment? Well it was certainly surprising to me. He said “Okay, it’s alright. I don’t need children. I’m over 40 and I didn’t have plans to even find romance. I never thought I would find a woman like you. I always prayed to God, remained positive that one day I would be blessed with a woman to have as my own, and be romantic with, and live a good life with, but it does not matter if I have children. For me having a life partner is the major part. If you don’t want children I will accept that and be with you. We will travel the world. I will take you Europe where I am from. I love skiing, enjoying the best things in life and I want to share that with you.”

I was taken aback at first and felt happy he was willing to sacrifice for us, but then I felt guilty, because I certainly don’t want to ruin a dream for him. I expressed that to him, but he would hear nothing of it, and kept repeating that for him just having someone to hold, and love, and live life with is far more important to him at this stage in his life as opposed to having a family. Then he said “You have children, and grandchildren, so we will be happy with them. Don’t worry, we will be fine and live a happy life.”

We ended the night at the restaurant with a cheers from the last sip of our beer, and a hug. He walked me home to my door, as he always has for the past year of friendship, and we made plans for our next date, which will be to the movies. After he left we spoke via WhatsApp for the rest of the night until we fell asleep.

I must say, this man is certainly a gentleman beyond belief. When we are together he has eyes for only me, he’s also the most attentive man that I have dated in a very long time. I’m certainly looking forward to our next date. He cannot tell me enough how much he loves me, and happy he is to be in my life.

As always, I will keep you all updated on our next adventure. 


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