DATING UPDATE: First off he loved that I downloaded the sign language app to communicate better with him….

Overall the date went very well. My plan was for us to meet at a noodle house that I frequent, because it was easy and close, and he agreed. So with my plan of an appetizer and drinks I thought things would be fine. Well it wasn’t, because when I took him into the restaurant he all but passed out, and I am being serious. He looked at the Japanese plate settings and panicked. I looked at him and my gut told me immediately to ask him what was up. So I took out my phone and typed out the words “would you like to leave and go somewhere else?” and right away he nodded yes.

When we got outside he pulled out his phone to type me his explanation, but we were on a busy corner, downtown Toronto, on a Saturday night, so I just grabbed his hand gently, to let him know it’s okay, tell me later, and we walked to the next corner to one of my other favourite spots. In fact it’s a place we have been together before, so I knew he’d be cool with it.

We sat at the bar and ordered drinks. That is when he took out his phone typed that he doesn’t eat Chinese food. I explained to him that it wasn’t Chinese, that it was Japanese, and that he could have ordered a simple appetizer for $5 to try for the experience of it, and if he didn’t like, then he didn’t like it, and we could have went elsewhere, but don’t panic, be calm. Things should never be so tough.

He liked that I was upfront with him, and also understanding. He then said that he would like to try the Japanese food one day, and realized he was being closed minded. I know Japanese food is not for everyone, but it’s not raw sushi, and they actually have great noodles, and also tasty appetizers.

We got to talking and I asked him if he was born hearing impaired, because he can actually talk, and I can understand him, but his words come out of his throat, in a way where it is clear that he is hearing impaired. When I speak to him he does not hear. Nevertheless, when I’m looking straight at him, he knows exactly what I’m saying because he reads my lips very well.

He said he was born with good hearing, but when he was the age of 2 in Bulgaria, he got sick, and the doctor gave him an antibiotic injection, and after that he couldn’t hear. He said he has very slight hearing, however, next to nothing.

Our date went so well. Haha, we chatted/texted so much that both of our phone batteries died. We had to use our phones in the bar where we were because the music was loud. He could read my lips just fine, but I could not hear him well. He could not hear himself speak, so he was not speaking up loudly enough. Plus, some of his words I need to listen to more carefully than others to catch the gist of what he’s saying, and it was tough to do that in the bar, and that’s why I opted to use my cell to type out most of what I wanted to say. It was awesome, and because I use my cell for almost everything throughout the day, as a communication tool on social media etc, it was not tedious to use it as a form of communication with him. It was natural.

He said he wants to take me to the CN tower in the summer, because believe or not I’ve never been. He found that astonishing since I live in walking distance to it pretty much! We have plans to go to the movies as well. Which I am going to find interesting, I didn’t know they had closed caption movies in the theatre, or perhaps he has a little device of some kind that will let him know the words being said. I have no clue, but I’m finding all of this enlightening.

Oh and one other thing. He said he was a little embarrassed, because he is aware that when he speaks he sounds like he is hearing impaired and that many people might not understand him. OMGOSH right!? Well I told him with an animated facial expression that he has nothing to worry about at all!!!! We live in a multicultural city, where many people have accents, and they too are sometimes hard to understand, but that’s the beauty of life, like five fingers on a hand are all different, so are people.

I told him that the store owner down the street has to repeat himself several times to many customers because his accent is so thick that it’s very difficult to understand him, yet my date is quite easy to understand if there is not loud music around. AND BOY OH BOY DID MY DATE EVER LAUGH. He was shocked at first, because he didn’t realize that so many people have accents, and are difficult to understand. However, then he realized I was keeping it real, and that it is something we are used to in our society.

Accents smakcent! Who cares!!! My gosh, years ago I dated a dude who couldn’t even speak English! He was Albanian and fresh to Canada. He was here for just two months and we had to communicate through hand language, not sign language, but an unsophisticated form of language which probably looked more like cave men speaking.

Anyway, with this dude all in all is fine. Plus, I must admit, it’s sweet the way he looks at my face so innocently as I’m talking to him. He is interested in my every word that comes out of my mouth. Of course he’s reading my lips, and he has to in order to understand me, but he’s not missing a word. Now that is something I can learn to really adore. What woman doesn’t love when her man is paying attention to everything she says??!!!

Anyway FB fam, he told me again last night how he wants to share his life with me, but the kid thing throws me off. He wants kids, because he has none, and I’m already done having kiddies. I showed him pics of my family and grandkids and he was very interested, but was also very careful not to mention him wanting kids. I guess he knows my stance on it and he was respecting that territory. Hey, I don’t mind chilling with him for a while. There’s no hurt in getting to know someone. Even if he decides to get to know someone else to have children with, then I’ll be cool with that. I wish him the best. He truly deserves his happiness. Until then I’m cool just getting to know him.

OHHH AND ONE LAST THING… He holds me, touches me, and reaches for me all the time while we’re together, and I love that type of affection.