There is absolutely no doubt, hands down that Mr. Norms Nephews is the #1 place to get ice cream and frozen yogurt. The quality is only one of the reasons!
Dan, ” the nephew” is following a family tradition of service excellence! I have been going to this amazing spot since I was very young and remember “Mr. Norm” Dan’s uncle making me my treat and have loved that my kids have the same memories as they have been going there since babies! Even though there are endless combinations of add one to the ice cream or yogurt, I have been getting the same “Danielle” recipe for years for as long as I can remember. My kids and many of my friends have gotten hooked on my combo , raspberry & oreo 👌! Simply Devine!


A fundraiser is being held to help the victims of the devastation that is still continuing in Alberta. You can find all the info on a page created called ” support the Fort ” on Facebook. May 15th, THIS SUNDAY!!! 1004 Mosley Street, Wasaga Beach.


Please share this fundraising day at Mr. Norms Nephew, and post a memory of your own!
If my photos from the past weren’t packed away in storage right now I know a perfect one to share, from one of hundreds of visits over the years. Dan can confirm we sometimes would go probably 5 days out of 7 weekly!


Thank you Dan for this opportunity for us to help our fellow Canadians who have been going through something that can be described of what hell would look and be like. I can’t imagine going through this kind of heartache.


Let’s keep Dan and his staff on their toes on May 15th with endless treats being served from open to close!


Let’s do this!!!

Danielle Lafreniere  ❤️



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