The snow has arrived, and the Town of Collingwood’s winter parking restriction period will begin next week.

On December 1, the restrictions will take effect and will vehicles are prohibited from parking on any municipal street or in any municipal parking lot between 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. until March 31, 2018.

Restrictions on overnight winter parking are used in most municipalities. They ensure that the streets and parking lots are clear to allow snow removal and salt/sand operators to clear the snow. These restrictions are in place, even if it is not currently snowing. This allows the roads to be clear for snow bank management, or in the event of an unexpected snowfall.

In addition to parking on the street, residents are prohibited from pushing snow from their driveway onto the road and parking cars in their driveways in a manner that allows them to hang over onto the roadway.

“Pushing snow onto the road creates dangerous conditions for passing cars, and while it may clear the snow from your own driveway, when the plow passes, the snow will be deposited in your neighbour’s driveway,” said Director of Public Works, Engineering and Environmental Services, Brian MacDonald.

“Parking cars at the very bottom of your driveway, and allowing them to stick out onto the road can also be dangerous and increases the risk of damage to your vehicle, as it is difficult for plow operators to distinguish snow-covered cars from snow banks when it’s dark or snowing,” said MacDonald.

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