With the extremely cold weather we’ve been experiencing recently in Collingwood, several areas in our community are experiencing frozen water services.

As of this morning, there have been 172 reports of frozen services, with 121 of those occurring since Friday, February 20. There have been 71 temporary connections made, leaving 101 homes currently without water.

Collingwood Public Utilities crews are working to get water service restored to all customers, and connections are being made on a first come first serve basis. High need customers are being given priority, and for other customers, factors including the need for a plumber, may take things out of order.

Information on how to avoid frozen water services and what to do if you are already frozen is available at watercollingwood.ca. Residents can also follow Collingwood Public Utilities on Twitter, @watercpu, for updates.


What to do if you are frozen

  1. If you suspect your pipes are frozen and are unable to thaw them, contact a licensed plumber to confirm the water is not just frozen within the home.
  2. If not internally frozen, have the plumber check your outside tap to confirm that it can be used for a connection (the tap must be secure, have no backflow prevention valve, and the internal valve must be operational).
  3. Contact a neighbour to confirm that they are willing to act as donor house and provide you with a temporary connection. This will mean they are willing to allow a hose to be run from their outside tap to your outside tap. They will need to keep the tap running continuously. Billing will be adjusted. Confirm that their outside tap can be used for a connection (the tap must be secure, have no backflow prevention valve, and the internal valve must be operational). You and your neighbour will need to be at home when the connection is made by CPU to confirm water is flowing.
  4. Contact the Collingwood Public Utilities office (705-445-1800) and advise that you have a neighbour willing to act as a donor and provide us with their name and phone number.
  5. Arrangements will be made with CPU for a temporary connection to be made.
  6. Once connected it is very important that you run a tap continuously to avoid refreezing. A billing adjustment will be made.



  • Never try to thaw a pipe with an open flame or torch. This is a fire hazard.
  • Always be careful of the potential for electric shock in and around standing water.
  • Never use a combustible fueled appliance indoors to produce heat. Carbon monoxide poisoning could occur.
  • If water is needed it can be obtained from the Carmichael Reservoir at 11437 Highway 26 West.
  • Arrangements have been made with PRC to offer the use of shower facilities at Centennial Pool.

   A customer just needs to tell pool staff they are a frozen home and give their name and address.


High-risk areas received hand-delivered notices this week, advising customers to run their taps to prevent frozen services. 

CPU crews will continue to work through the frozen services until all services are restored, and they greatly appreciate the patience and understanding of their customers.