Collingwood Council Highlights – December 7, 2015




Congratulations to Jack Merwin, recipient of the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario’s Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 10th Anniversary Champion Award.

June marked the 10th anniversary of the AODA, the goal of which is to increase accessibility and enable everyone to participate fully in the life of the province.

In celebration of the anniversary, AMCTO launched a one-time award to recognize outstanding individuals who demonstrate leadership in promoting accessibility.

Jack Merwin is well known in our community for his efforts in promoting accessibility. Congratulations Jack!

(From L-R: Jack Merwin, Mayor Sandra Cooper, Accessibility Committee Co-Chair Margaret Adolphe)





Several residents and nearby property owners shared their concerns with the proposed Linksview subdivision on the Tenth Line.




Items A1 through A8 were received for information. The following items were pulled for further discussion.


A3 Ministry of Transportation re: New $15 million annual infrastructure program Connecting Links.

The Director of Public Works and Engineering noted that there are no plans for projects that would qualify for this program but that projects will be monitored to determine if any qualify.


A5 K. Meyer, Inspector, Manager Wellness Unit, OPP re: Proposed partnership for Mental Health Symposium

Council agreed to co-host the Mental Health Symposium event as requested by the OPP Wellness Unit.






Council approved the Development and Operations Services Standing Committee report.


Development Agreement: Part Lot Control Exemption By-law (Pretty River Estates)

Council passed a by-law to create new property lines within a portion of property in Pretty River Estates, in order to permit construction of three single detached dwellings, so that each can be sold individually.

The control had initially been applied to allow for an eventual road connection if needed. The creation of the three lots will continue to protect lands for a road connection, if needed, and if not needed, the lands will be released.


Proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment for the proposed Linksview Plan of Subdivision

Planner Mark Bryan and Director of Planning Nancy Farrer provided an overview of the Linksview plan of subdivision and spoke to the intensification targets set by the province.


Council adopted the proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments for the proposed Linksview Subdivision development.


Authorization By-law to execute a Site Plan Control Agreement: 10150 Highway 26 (Ultramar)

Council passed an Authorization By-law to execute a Site Plan Control Agreement for a gas station and convenience store development on Highway 26, between St. Clair Street and Robert Avenue.


Proposed Deeming By-law; 10150 Highway 26 (Ultramar)

Council passed a deeming by-law to combine several lots into one parcel for the proposed Ultramar development.


Collingwood Zoning By-law Corrections and Updates

Council passed an amending Zoning By-law to make corrections and updates to the Collingwood Zoning By-law.



Council approved the Community Services Standing Committee report.


Labyrinth Public Art Donation

There will be a new piece of art on Collingwood’s Labyrinth site, as Council voted to waive the public art accession and gift procedures of the Public Art Policy to accept the offer of a piece of art to be donated.

Local artist John McCaffery offered to donate the piece, which is a 5 foot by 2.5-foot turtle made with recycled and new mild steel, migwelded with hot-forged and cold-hammered components.

The artwork would be located between the water and the labyrinth and the artist envisions the turtle partially concealed by plant material to make it something someone would find or happen upon rather than stand out.


Request to remove mature trees

Council voted to allow Home Furniture to remove four mature Blue Spruce trees, on Town property, at the corner of Pretty River Parkway and Highway 26 at Home Furniture’s expense and subject to standards for removal imposed by Town staff.

Home Furniture requested the trees be removed, as sightlines to the store are impeded by the trees. Home Furniture will purchase four replacements trees of 60mm trunk diameter. The replacement trees are to be of a species identified by Parks staff as being resilient and beneficial to the local canopy. The trees are to be planted at site determined by Town staff to be ideal for growth and in need of these plantings.


Collingwood Yacht Club lease

Council approved the extension of the Collingwood Yacht Club (CYC) lease, as it exists currently including the 2014 addendum and all financial considerations, for one year terminating on the last day of February of 2018.

The Waterfront Master Plan (WMP) process is beginning, and is expected to have implications for all waterfront areas, including the Harbour. When the WMP and an implementation strategy are completed, the Town will be better positioned to make a determination on the future of the CYC lease. The CYC will also have the time needed to develop a dredging plan to present to the Town.



Council approved the Strategic Initiatives Standing Committee report.


Update on Debt Position

After receiving an update on the annual tracking of the debt management plan, Council voted to maintain the target debt limits adopted at the February 2, 2015 Council meeting.


Review of Reserves and Discretionary Reserve Funds

Council received the review of reserves and reserve funds for information. Reserves and reserve funds are revenues set aside for future expenditure requirements of the Town (reserves), or in order to meet a specific requirement (reserve funds). The review determined that additional allocations need to be made to the stabilization reserves, several reserves don’t have a goal for how much should be set aside and that the Capital Reserves are insufficient.


Update on Development Charges

Council received the update on development charges for information. Development Charges help to pay for the services that are required as our community grows.


Third Quarter 2015 Review

Council received the third quarter financial review for information. It is expected that there will be a smaller surplus than in previous years, as the operating accounts were reduced in 2015.


Fees and Charges 2016

Council approved the General Fees and Service Charges by-law and the Water and Wastewater Rate By-law.

As in past years, the Town will experience cost increases in 2016 for a number of reasons including higher wages, increased costs for utilities, insurance, gas, and oil and generally higher costs for equipment purchases and maintenance.

The full list of fees and the changes from 2015 is available on our website at


Supply and Installation of Mobile Storage System for Museum Collections Storage, Phase 2

Council endorsed the museum application for funding of Phase 2 large storage through the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund.

Council also approved $20,276.00 toward the Phase 2 equipment and installation costs of mobile storage solutions at the Collingwood Museum, which is 50% of the required funding to resolve documented health and safety concerns of staff and volunteers.





2016 Interim Property Tax Levy

Council enacted a by-law to establish the rates and due dates for the 2016 Interim Tax Levy. A by-law is required to enable the Town to raise sufficient cash flow to pay for the obligations incurred until the final tax levy for the year 2016 is processed.


2016 Temporary Borrowing By-law

Council enacted a by-law establishing the 2016 Temporary Borrowing Facility for the Town of Collingwood at $6,000,000. A Temporary Borrowing By-law is required to authorize temporary borrowing to meet the current expenditures of the Town.

If needed, the funds are taken from the equivalent of a line of credit with the Town’s regular banking institution, and are only used as a last resort. In the past, the Town has rarely used this option, and it is not anticipated that it will be needed in 2016.


Dedicated Gas Tax Funds for Public Transportation

Council passed a by law authorizing the Mayor and Treasurer to sign the Letter of Agreement for the Gas Tax Funds for Public Transportation.

The Dedicated Funding for Public Transportation is an integral part of our Transit plan. The program will be providing $286,432 during the 2015/2016 term of the agreement. Since 2004, the Town has received almost $1.7 million from the program.


BIA Expansion

In September, the Business Improvement Area (BIA) Board of Management requested an expansion of the current Collingwood Business Improvement Area.

A notice was sent to existing BIA members, as well as to commercial property owners within the proposed expanded BIA, informing them of the proposed expansion and provided instructions on how to file an objection. Only one objection was received, and it did not qualify to prevent the passing of a by-law.

Council voted to approve the by-law to expand the existing BIA area.




Council approved the interim 2016 Council meeting calendar, until the recommendations from the review of the governance structure have been considered.




Meeting Type Date, time & location
Corporate Services Standing Committee Monday, December 145:00 p.m.


Development and Operation Services Standing Committee

*Note Tuesday due to holiday schedule.

Tuesday, December 155:00 p.m.

Council Chambers, Town Hall, 97 Hurontario St.

Council Monday, January 4, 20165:00 p.m.

Council Chambers, Town Hall, 97 Hurontario St.

Community Services Standing Committee Thursday, January 6, 20165:00 p.m.

3rd Floor Community Room, Collingwood Public Library, 55 Ste. Marie Street

Corporate Services Standing Committee Monday, January 11, 20165:00 p.m.
Council Chambers, Town Hall, 97 Hurontario St.
Council Monday, January 18, 20165:00 p.m.

Council Chambers, Town Hall, 97 Hurontario St.

Development and Operations Services Standing Committee Monday, January 25, 20165:00 p.m.

Council Chambers, Town Hall, 97 Hurontario St.


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