Collingwood community partners tackle a shoreline invader


phragmitesThe Collingwood community is coming together to tackle, Phragmites, also known as European common reed, an invasive grass that is threatening to take over wetlands and beaches along the shoreline. Growing up to 5 metres high, Phragmites destroys wildlife habitat and negatively affects recreational activities like swimming, boating and fishing.

With funding from the RBC Blue Water Project and Environment Canada, Georgian Bay Forever, NVCA, Blue Mountain Watershed Trust, the Town of Collingwood and a very active group of community members are monitoring and removing Phragmites in the area.  The first removal work party took place on August 8.  More volunteer work days are being set-up for later in the summer.

From left to right:  David Featherstone, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority; David Sweetnam, Georgian Bay Forever; Mayor Sandra Cooper, Town of Collingwood; and Norman Wingrove, Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation

The photo was taken at Rupert’s Landing along the Collingwood shoreline.