Simcoe-Grey is a Riding which has been held by the Conservatives for a decade. While our incumbent Kellie Leitch has not been implicated in any of the many Harper scandals, she is very quick to point to her role at the cabinet table as accomplishments, and her support of Harper’s policies have been absolute. The above posts questions our responsibilities as electors in view of her low perceived performance and her role in an administration it is obvious a majority no longer has faith in.
It appears possible that we will have a Liberal government for the next four years and I don’t see any benefits for Simcoe-Grey to have a Conservative as our MP for that time. Consequently, I view strategic voting as an important issue in Simcoe-Grey and I personally encourage all voters to vote Liberal for the benefit of us all,  NDP, Green, CHP, and even Conservatives. 
Perhaps this post will be of help in achieving this.
John (Jean C) Blais 
Canada is governed – Simcoe-Grey’s responsibility!


Picture of grim looking Kellie Leitch while anouncing snitch line.g

A great article which prompted this post is from The Hamilton Spectator and you can read the full article here

The Spectator’s View: Time for a change in how Canada is governed.


Before you read it, I would like you to briefly consider our role as voters in Simcoe-Grey.

Is our role to re-elect Kellie Leitch, our incumbent MP,  who is very nice and who gives little reasons to vote against her, or,  is our responsibility to find an alternative to anyone who contributes to a regime in which we no longer place our faith to run our Country?

Think of this for awhile!

It is a momentous decision, which as in all responsible decision-making we should be discussing with each other, with others who are offering the alternatives, and also with our incumbent MP.

But, do you know where our MP is?

Certainly not in Simcoe-Grey judging from her absence at a large number of debates and judging from her activities based on her own tweets. The last two days postings show a similarity to most of her activities during the campaign.  Her current tweets are saying she could be:

  • in Scarborough-Guildwood, canvassing with her friend the CPC Candidate
  • in Hamilton at an event hosted by her friend also a CPC Candidate
  • in Don Valley West delivering candy to another CPC Candidate friend
  • in Oakville-North where she is boosting the troops for yet another CPC candidate
  • or maybe just visiting an MP friend in York-Centre.

It is true that she has responsibilities as Minister of Labour and Minister for the Status of Women, but none of these activities seemed related, and what of her responsibilities to her Simcoe-Grey constituents?

A few weeks ago in action reminiscent of Harper’s announcement of the OAS eligibility increase to age 67 which took place in Davos, Switzerland,  Kellie Leitch was in Chris Alexander’s riding as co-announcer of the establishment of an RCMP hot line.  If you are not aware of it, or your memory needs refreshing, this was like setting up a snitch line for Canadians to report  their neighbours if they suspect them of barbaric cultural practices.

If this was so important for the Harper government to announce this contentious step why has Kellie Leitch not been available in Simcoe-Grey to explain this to her constituents?  Perhaps she did not relish the task as it would seem indicated by the attached picture reportedly taken during the announcement.  But, his is not the first time that she has made herself unavailable to answer questions from her constituents on contentious Harper policies.

This is only a few examples but it is more than some who have told me they planned to vote Kellie Leitch because she seems very nice and she has helped them get their passport. Anyone’s constituency office will do that.

Personally, it appears to me that Kellie Leitch has been given some nice titles to go with her professional ones and is being sent around the country, in Duffy style, to promote Harper’s Conservative agenda. Not much of an MP for Simcoe-Grey!

If you have read this far then I thank you and am ready to accept that you have thought of these important issues for awhile, and now go ahead and read The Spectator’s View: Time for a change in how Canada is governed. I think you’ll enjoy this well balanced article.