Snowdays start on the Mountain & continue throughout the region…

Blue Mountain Village, 5 acre rink

January for many of us means cold, crisp days and often they come with bright blue skies.

Lace up and marvel at the 5 acres of rink at the base of Blue Mountain. The daily status of the rink is listed online here and open from 10am to 10pm. Rentals are also available Sunday-Thursday from 12-6pm and Fri-Sat 10am-10pm.

Collingwood Harbour, skating on the bay

Just 10 minutes east you’ll find the Collingwood Harbour with its spectacular views of the Niagara Escarpement. Bundle up as it is exposed but well worth it…and if you’re lucky you’ll  find some partners for pick up hockey. 

Did you know the blades of ice skates were once made from the bones of horses, cows, deer or other animals and strapped to the feet. 

Next strap on your skis…

Skate Skiing or Classic Cross Country?

A good question is how do you pick which sport to try? 

The most common advice is to learn classic first. Classic skiing is not “walking on skis” or even “running on skis with a glide”; it’s a completely different gait. But there are elements of walking and running gaits within diagonal stride and beginners really can “just walk on their skis” and have a good time.
Skate skiing is for those who have mastered ‘classic’ and want to step up their fitness level. Skate skiing always requires wider trails and the snow has to be packed smooth, with a corduroy surface like you see on groomed alpine ski slopes. 
Luckily we have expert instructors, perfect trails and rentals up the mountain at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures. Take a peek at their programs here or call (705) 446-0256

consider Canada’s fastest growing sport, Snowshoeing

Guided or unguided

Many of us love snowshoeing for good reason, it is so incredibly simple to do and you can do it anywhere. Nature lovers enjoy the peace and quiet found along the Niagara Escarpment Bruce Trail routes. Be sure to follow these steps from before you get started.  

Top 10 Tips for First-Time Snowshoers:
10. Check the weather forecast
9. Dress the part
8. Get the Gear
7. Be prepared (see tour guide operators below)
6. Bring your camera
5. Select a Trail (leave bushwacking to the experts)
4. Know the basics (again see tours below)
3. Bring a friend (very, very important!)
2. Just do it! (stealing from Nike here..)
1. Have fun.  
Every Saturday the Village & Blue Mountain offer free guided tours leaving at 10:30am from the Columbia Store.  Head to Activity Central at least 30mins prior if you require rentals. 
To venture further out to Kolapore Trails or to tack a wine tasting tour on to your trek call Free Spirit Tours 705-444-3622 or find them online

Next unwind at the spa…

Three Spas to chose from:
Scandinave, Kalola & The Lilly Pad 
Scandinave Spa is just 10 minutes away and one of four Scandinave Spas in Canada including Montreal, Tremblant, Whistler and Blue Mountain. 
Please call ahead for massage bookings and find themonline here. (877) 988-8484
Kalola is located on resort in the Blue Mountain Inn and offers massage, facials, hand & foot treatments and more. Please call ahead to 877-445-0231 ext. 6471 and find them online here.
The Lilly Pad spa, now in Thornbury along Hwy 26 (69 King St. East) also offers traditional spa services. Call to book 1.855.665.2200 and find them online here