The weather held and it was a glorious day for the launch of Local Live Lunch.

This week featured Austin McCarthy and his band, comprised of Mike Giles, Dave Giles and Trevor Robertson.




Ali’s Kitchen offered a wide range of delicious Indian food!

The music was excellent with a great blend of originals, soulful and well written, peppered with covers from Joni Mitchell to Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Austin’s musical prowess, playing and writing, have evolved exponentially over the past year since we covered him last. Very exciting to see.

Roger Robinson
Roger Robinson from CHS production

His band offers him a solid platform to demonstrate this, snappy drumming, solid rhythm guitar and steady bass are the backbone of this quartet.

The crowd was engaged throughout and enthusiastic, demanding three encores.

Roger Robinson from CHS Productions did his usual fantastic job providing crisp clear sound that made the whole thing work!