Aleppo: You can help stop the killing



Dear John,

The world is in stunned disbelief from the callous crimes committed this week against civilians in Aleppo.

It is horrifying to imagine parents as their children were massacred in their homes. At least 82 civilians were shot on the spot by government and allied forces who entered their homes, or at gunpoint in the streets.
We must act quickly to ensure the wounded are evacuated and those trying to flee have safe passage.

Please make a contribution today to help us push the Syrian and Russian governments to stop the attacks on civilians immediately, and:

  • Ensure urgent evacuation of civilians and unfettered humanitarian access into East Aleppo so that life-saving aid can reach all those in need;
  • Allow UN monitors to be urgently deployed in Aleppo to ensure that civilians and fighters who surrender are protected from execution-style killings, arbitrary detention, disappearance and torture

Please help those at risk right now and give generously.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Neve
Secretary General
Amnesty International Canada

P.S. Please donate today. Help us pressure those who have the power to ensure the protection of civilians trapped in the midst of horrific violence.