When the village raises the child, when neighbours know each other, when we all take care of the most vulnerable – we feel the benefit of community! Thank you for helping build our community!


When the going gets tough . . . 


The family of a childhood friend had many very trying moments. We knew about it because our friend used to exclaim “something else is wrong, Dad is splitting wood”. I never connected at the time but splitting wood was the stress reliever of the day. I don’t split wood today. I relieve a lot of my stress at the YMCA. Yes, even at my age we do have those stress times. I am fortunate that I can afford the Y’s monthly fee.


But, not everyone can, yet, many under all sorts of stress also need the soothing effects of a good workout when the going gets tough. A good workout does even more the rest of the time as it enhances our good health, not just when we’re old, or in the midst of raising a family but also as a child. The YMCA of Simcoe-Muskoka recognizes this need and that is why they spent over 1.1 million dollars during 2015 in membership assistance.


We sometimes view charity as the need for food or shelter or medical care, but in our society the overall social strength of our communities must also be recognized a nation builder. Fairness of opportunity for as many as want to make the effort will benefit us all. Our local YMCA works hard at this and it needs your help
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Many thanks for your help!


John (Jean C) Blais