At Extinction Radio, we bear witness to the Sixth Great Extinction Event currently unfolding by welcoming and reflecting a diversity of viewpoints on how, when and why extinction is occurring.

Using a mix of formats including interviews, presentations, poetry and music, we offer wisdom and compassion on navigating the probable demise of humanity and non-human species as well as advice and encouragement on living fully and with full awareness until we can no longer go on.



Featured Interview with Dmitry Orlov

00:00 Rhapsody in Celtic – Written and Performed by Gene Gibson; 01:00 Introduction – Host Gene Gibson; 04:11 Guy McPherson – Global Warming Denier of the Week; 06:32 Dmitry Orlov Interviewed by Gene Gibson and Ivey Cone;

51:32 Poet Laureates of Doom – Rex Eagle, Changed Expectations; Debba Kale Earnshaw, Sleeping in the Forest; Benjamin the Donkey, Acceptance; 58:34 Gene’s Gem – Kings of Mongrel Folk, Zen Gospel Singing;

1:02:09 John Compost Cossham – Upcoming Ted Talk; 1:10:19 Kathy Harrison – Seeds and Raising Your Own Food; 1:45:16 Cathe’ Fish – Permaculture Tips; 1:52:44 Michael Adzema – Love’s Wake-up Call; 2:16:45 Debba Kale Earnshaw – Sam Carana’s Blog Post; 2:18:15 Susan Livingston, Global Extreme Weather Report; 2: 37:45 Sign-off – Host Gene Gibson