Dear Friends/Sponsors,


Well, I survived! What an ear splitting experience that was. The spinning room was set up as a very dark nightclub-theme with flashing beacons, fluorescence and very loud music. It may take me weeks to reestablish my hearing balance.

The biggest news is that the WOW WOW response from all 34 of you who topped my total donations to $1150.00. That was the 4th highest performance for an individual rider in all of Simcoe-Muskoka.

In view of that my own goal of 2 hours of spinning with a 35km distance target seemed mediocre. Surely I could do more if I gave it 110% . So I did that and was happy to finish my two hours with 39.1 km. Throughout the session I visualized each one of you and sent you a mental hug and thanks. Hope you felt it.

It was an awesome experience. I walked out of the spinning room a bit unsteady but a few sandwiches in the after event wrap up and a good bout of stretching re-energized me. Not enough to keep me at the after event party for very long. I left it to the younger crowd. But, I sure slept well.

Thank you again for your terrific support. Your generosity is another notch in making our community a better one.

Jean C Blais


If you would like more information about Move to Give 2016, or would like to join me at this event, please click on the link below.