Collingwood General & Marine Hospital


The Town of Collingwood has long been a strong supporter of the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital. In a continued demonstration of that support, the Town of Collingwood Council, at its March 21, 2016 meeting, passed a resolution approving a significant financial commitment towards the redevelopment of a new regional hospital within Collingwood, and most preferably at the hospital’s current site.

Mayor Cooper commented that Collingwood has been the proud home of the General and Marine Hospital for more than 120 years, providing effective service not only to the Town, but also to its large service area. The Town is the only identified primary settlement area and the largest growth centre in the hospital’s catchment, and is expected to continue as such for at least the next 25 years.

The Town of Collingwood supports the redevelopment objectives for the hospital, specifically retaining and expanding the hospital at its current site, which the Town believes to be the optimal location in the centre of the Town’s designated health services area.

The Council of the Town of Collingwood looks forward to continuing to work proactively with the General and Marine Hospital, and our regional partners, as the future of the facility is determined.