CPL photo 17Apr2015 by Dianne Feaver

Paintings by Dianne Feaver on exhibit at Collingwood Public Library 


Collingwood Public Library is hosting a new art exhibition this May and June, showcasing the work of Collingwood painter Dianne Feaver.

Called “Abstract alla Prima: Painting the Unexpected,” the show provides an opportunity to see the results of one artist’s exploration into abstract painting in a style called “alla prima.”

“Alla prima” comes from the Italian, meaning “at once.” It is a style of painting where, instead of building up colours with layers or glazing over an underpainting, the piece is completed while the paint is still wet.

“Strictly defined, an alla prima painting would be started and finished in one painting session,” says Feaver, “but the term is also more loosely applied to any painting done in a direct, expressive style, with minimal preparation.”

To create in this style, Feaver begins by laying out a pallet of acrylic colours and a wide variety of painting tools. Then, working quickly while the paint is wet, she applies and removes layers of colour, intuitively responding to spontaneous marks.

“This method challenges an artist’s concentration,” Feaver says, “as the whole painting develops all at the same time.”

Her path as an artist has developed over many years, from studying fine art and teaching to becoming a working artist. But Feaver says it all came together one day when her young son saw her painting furiously with all her brushes wheeled in her hand, paint spatters everywhere. “Mom,” he said, “you just like to see the paint move.” She has embraced this style ever since.


You are invited to meet Dianne Feaver at the Collingwood Public Library, 22 Ste Marie Street, for her opening reception:

 Friday, May 1 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the Art Walk


Dianne Feaver will be available for interviews and photographs.

“Abstract alla Prima” will be on display in the Art Walk and Bridge Gallery from May 1 to June 30.

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photo caption:  “Seven” by Dianne Feaver, a painting in the “alla prima” style. Acrylic on heavy paper, 18×26

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