Three local songwriters who have been putting on concerts together are enjoying it so much and getting such positive feedback that they are back for more.

Dave HawkinsBill Dickson and Bill Monahan will be playing a special evening concert at The Barn Coop in Meaford on Thursday, Nov. 16th at 7:30.

Tickets for the show at The Barn are $10 in advance, available at The Barn and Stuff To Read, or $12 at the door.


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Jim Ansell, proprietor of The Bleeding Carrot, offered this testimonial: “Three unique songwriters is a show  you need to see.  The songwriting is intimate but with universal themes and melodies you will be singing on your way home.  Each performer has a different style, giving the listener an ever changing song selection.  Three unique Songwriters provide a solid evening of entertainment.”


George Arthur, The Song Rider, said, “You were terrible. Terribly beaunificentabulous, that is,” whatever that means.  If it means fun, he’s right.