Council Highlights – July 17, 2017



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Items A1 to A3 were received for information. The following items were pulled for further discussion:


A.1 Ontario Provincial Police re: Collingwood fire station as Secondary Alternate Site (Collingwood/Blue Mountain OPP)


Council approved the request that the Fire Hall would be a secondary alternate site for the OPP, to be activated in the event that the regular OPP stations are unusable due to natural disaster or other incident.


A.3 Collingwood General & Marine Hospital re: CGMH Redevelopment – Fund Application Comments


Council discussed the response from the CG&MH, which noted that they would not be sharing a copy of the comments received from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) as requested by the Town. The letter also advised that the hospital did not feel a joint Collingwood Council and Board meeting, as requested by the Town of Collingwood, is necessary, but referenced their sixth joint Mayors’ Forum scheduled for July 25, which they believe will provide the opportunity to share key components of their redevelopment journey. CAO Brown confirmed he was not aware of the significance of the Ministry information provided to CGMH regarding the redevelopment submissions. However, he recommended that Council could invite an expert in this area that would be able to better advise Council on the potential impacts of those communications. The Clerk and CAO agreed to make the necessary arrangements.





Council approved the Corporate and Community Services Standing Committee report.


Support for new Collingwood Youth Centre

Council received the report for information.


The vision for the new Collingwood Youth Centre is to be a safe, supportive, and fun-based hub that helps all youth of any socioeconomic origin, primarily between those between the ages of 14-17, to build employable skills and connect with potential employers and community services. A Town staff member will sit on the Youth Center Board for a two-year term.


Question on the 2018 Municipal Election Ballot re: Ranked Balloting

Council received the report for information.


At a recent Strategic Initiatives Committee meeting, the committee requested a staff report looking at the possibility of including a question on the 2018 election ballot to determine if Collingwood residents would like to move forward with the new option of ranked balloting in the 2022 election.


Council would need to decide by February 19, 2018 if they would like to submit a question on the ballot for the 2018 election, which is scheduled for October 22.


Fire Service Cost Recovery – Fire Marque Inc.

Council voted to enter into an agreement with Fire Marque Inc.


When Fire Departments attend fire calls, they can sometimes incur costs beyond a normal call, such as damage to their equipment, overtime for firefighters or specialized equipment fees. Fire Marque is a Canadian company that specializes in recovering the costs of these extra services for municipalities through the property insurance policy, which already cover this type of claim. There is no direct cost to the property owner, and this program does not cover auto insurance incidents or medical calls.


Fire Marque acts on behalf of the municipality to recover the costs, which would only be recovered if the individual had insurance coverage. If the Collingwood Fire Department were to undertake this task in-house, it would require significant staff resources. Fire Marque handles the entire process, and takes a fee of 30% of the costs recovered.


The funds received may be used for equipment purchases, firefighter training, and fire prevention and public education programs.


A recorded vote was requested.

In Favour                                                                                      Opposed
Deputy Mayor Saunderson

Councillor Fryer

Councillor Ecclestone

Councillor Jeffery

Councillor Doherty

Councillor Madigan

Mayor Cooper

Councillor Edwards

Councillor Lloyd



Memorandum of Understanding for the Provisions of Technical Rescue Services

In order to provide effective protection services, the Collingwood Fire Department recommended entering into an agreement to have the City of Barrie provide support in several highly technical rescue types:


  • High/Low Angle Rescue
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Trench Rescue


While Collingwood firefighters have an awareness of these types of rescues, the cost to fully train staff and provide the required equipment is very high.


Kraft Hockeyville 2017 Funds

Collingwood’s Eddie Bush Memorial Arena placed in the top 10 in the 2017 Kraft Hockeyville competition, and was awarded $25,000 towards arena upgrades.


The funds will be used to:

  • Purchase and install an automatic sliding door from the lobby to the spectator area to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)
  • Improve lighting efficiency in the lobby area, dressing rooms and Hall of Fame room. This would be in line with the Green Energy Act (GEA) and help with visibility in these areas.
  • Complete other minor improvements.


2017 Active Transportation Framework

Council adopted the 2017 Active Transportation Framework, with an amendment to include a tracking and reporting mechanism.


An Active Transportation Plan was identified in the 2015 Community Based Strategic Plan as a key performance indicator towards the goal of building a healthy lifestyle in Collingwood.


The Active Transportation Framework (ATF) can be consulted and applied to future planning decisions to help its implementation.




Deputy Mayor Saunderson provided the following notice of a motion to be considered at the August 21 Council Meeting.


Whereas the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital has received information from the Ministry providing additional comments regarding their redevelopment submission;

And Whereas Council is concerned this information may be of serious significance and impact on healthcare provision in the future;

Therefore be it resolved that Council herein request comments directly from the Ministry regarding the Hospital’s Phase 1A and 1B redevelopment submissions.




Update from Collus/PowerStream

Councillor Doherty provided an update to Council’s request to receive a public presentation of the new five-year distribution system plan.


Councillor Doherty advised that Collus PowerStream public open houses will be scheduled this fall. Council or staff with comments or suggestions can contact Collus PowerStream, and all comments will be considered prior to finalizing the plan. Councillor Doherty noted that Collus PowerStream plans to go above and beyond to ensure all stakeholders are aware of their proposed five-year plans and the rationale.


14 Harbour Street – Balmoral Village Block 1 – Proposed Plan of Condominium

Council granted draft approval to the “Balmoral Village Block 1” Plan of Condominium, subject to the conditions attached. The draft approval will expire on June 26, 2020, if the Plan of Condominium is not registered.




Unenforced Violation of the Noise By-law

Councillor Jeffery raised concerns about noise by-law complaints resulting from a private party over the weekend. Clerk Almas explained the provisions of the current noise by-law, and noted there are no time limits, nor exemption options. It was also clarified that the OPP enforce the noise by-law afterhours.


Town Staff are currently preparing a report on revisions to the noise by-law, and at the request of Councillor Jeffery, Council voted to request that staff include in the report, options to control noise emitted from private property events, including live band music.


Terms of Reference Requested

Council voted to request that terms of reference be developed for the Order of Collingwood, Mayor’s Golf Tournament, Staff Awards Night, and Staff Christmas Party.




Meeting Type Date, time & location
Development & Operations Services Standing Committee WednesdayAugust 2 – 5:00 p.m.

3rd Floor Community Room, Collingwood Public Library, 55 Ste. Marie

Council Monday, August 21 – 5:00 p.m.

Council Chambers, Town Hall, 97 Hurontario Street

Corporate & Community Services Standing Committee WednesdaySeptember 6 – 5:00 p.m.

3rd Floor Community Room, Collingwood Public Library, 55 Ste. Marie

Council Monday, September 11 – 5:00 p.m.

Council Chambers, Town Hall, 97 Hurontario Street


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